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What's Happening in Johnstown?

3 Questions To Ask If Your Elderly Relatives Are Living Alone


Have you ever thought about where you would like to live out your life after retirement? Even if you haven’t, we can guess where you’ll want to be when you do think about it in the future – and we can also guess where your elderly loved ones want to live right now.

A 2011 survey by the AARP revealed that nearly 9...

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Q&A: What Do I Do If My Elderly Neighbor Needs Help At Home?


In the fast-paced 21st century, our lives often find a way to drag us into a whirlwind of busy schedules where multiple things clamor for our attention at once. Unfortunately, the distractions of a busy life can be very detrimental to people’s ability to identify when a relative needs additional help or care in their life – especially when younger relatives live out of town or only have time...

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The Importance Of National Rehabilitation Awareness Week


With National Rehabilitation Awareness Week coming up, it’s time for us here at Homewatch CareGivers to talk about the important medical professionals we often work alongside with as we provide home care services to the individuals who need them.

Those important medical professionals are rehabilitative therapists, and they do just as much for your loved ones as our amazing caregivers d...

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How Homecare Can Help During & After A Pregnancy




Chances are that after reading those words you thought of someone taking care of one of your elderly relatives for an extended period of time; this is a common scenario that we associate those two words with. But this association hides the fact that home care services aren’t just for our elderly relatives. They’re for anyone who needs a little...

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3 Things You Need To Ask About Before Hip Replacement Surgery


Do you know someone who’s been affected by joint replacement surgery? If so, you’re not alone: currently more than 750,000 total hip and knee replacement procedures take place in the United States each year. And according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, that number is expected to increase during the next few d...

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The 4 Vaccines Recommended For Senior Citizens


Did you know that August is National Immunization Awareness Month? Immunization helps to protect all of us from dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases that we would otherwise suffer from or even pass on to those around us; each year August is dedicated to highlighting the value of receiving any immunizations and vaccines you might need throughout your lifetime.


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Beat The Heat So It Does Not Beat You: The Dangers Of Heat Related Illnesses


Does summer suddenly feel hotter to you? If so, you’re not imagining things: the hottest days of summer always arrive in July and August. For many people this just marks a shift towards more uncomfortable temperatures, but for the elderly this change in temperature is more than uncom...

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How You Can Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer At Any Age


What do you think the most common type of cancer in the United States is? While you might expect to find more cases of breast cancer or lung cancer, in reality the most common form of cancer in the United States is skin cancer.

How common is skin cancer? One in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. Doctors diagnose roughly 3.5 million skin cancers in over...

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Our Guide To Cataracts: What Are They, And What Can You Do About Them?


What do you know about cataracts? Despite the fact that more than half of all Americans aged 65 and older have cataracts, they aren’t spoken about as often as major chronic diseases. Today we want to address this often neglected part of the aging process so that you know what cataracts are, how they form, and what you can do about them.

What are cataracts?


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What You Need To Know About Recognizing And Preventing A Stroke


“Stop stroke. Act fast. Spread hope.”

That’s the National Stroke Association’s mantra for addressing one of the most common and crippling health problems today. Every year more than 795,000 people in the United States suffer from a stroke; as of 2014, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the county, as well as a leading cause of serious long-term disabili...

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Fall Prevention: Keep Home Safety In Mind During Your Spring Cleaning


By now chances are that you’ve worked your way through the bulk of your spring cleaning checklist. Maybe you even helped a family member or loved one clear out their own home. But before you call this round of spring cleaning “complete” be sure to check that you didn’t forget to make sure each room is safe - specifically, fall proof.
According to the Centers for Disease Contr...

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Get The Facts: National Arthritis Awareness Month


“It’s just aches and pains. It’s not a serious condition.”

Chances are that you’ve heard a myth like this about arthritis at some point during your life, if not relatively recently. In reality, arthritis is a crippling condition, as highlighted by 50 millions diagnoses in America alone. Doctors estimate that as many as 70 million Americans - or about one in three - have some form ...

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Making A Difference In The Lives Of Those With Parkinsons Disease


Michael J. Fox. Muhammad Ali. Pope John Paul II. Believe it or not, all three of these men have something in common: they all suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. And they’re not alone: as many as one million Americans currently have with Parkinson's disease, with 60,000 more individuals getting diagnosed each year. And these are just the statistics for the United States - they don’t include

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This Occupational Therapy Month, Homewatch CareGivers Is Saying Thanks


When first hearing the words “occupational therapy” it’s not uncommon for people to at first assume that the term refers to some sort of work or profession-related counseling; many people even brush off the idea of receiving occupational therapy because of this line of thought, arguing that they don’t need it. Believe it or not, though, occupational therapy has nothing to do with an individual’...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month: What You Need To Know About Brain Injuries


When it comes to our health, one of the most important parts of our body to properly care for is our brain. Our brains are responsible in some way for everything we do - they are what allow us to think, to plan, to form and recall memories, to move our fingers and legs, and is even responsible for helping to regulate our lungs and hearts.

The very traits of the brain that make it rema...

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The Four Whats Of Long Term Homecare


Fact: as we age, it’s very likely that we’ll need some sort of homecare or living assistance. In fact,70 percent of people over age 65 find themselves in need some sort of long-term assistance - a statistic that is very relevant to us here at Homewatch CareGivers as an estimated Full Story

Alzheimer's Disease: What It Is - And What You Can Do About It


If you have elderly parents, then chances are that you’ve found yourself wondering at some point or another: is my mom or dad showing signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Statistically, this is not an improbable possibility; in fact, according to the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institute on Aging, approximately 5.3 million Americans and Canadians have Alzheimer’s disease and re...

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Could A Dog (Or Other Pet) Be One Of Your Home Care Essentials?


When setting up in home care, the needs of one individual or another will vary tremendously; after all, a loved one dealing with dementia will have different needs from a person who is recovering from surgery or who is on bed rest when pregnant.

While these needs vary between individuals, there is at least one potential in home care essential that has been shown to universally help o...

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