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HomewatchCareGivers has provided premier in-home care for more than 30 years.We provide help and relief to committed family caregivers. Both familiesand medical professionals know they can trust, value and depend on usas we serve communities across North America and beyond.

Resources for Seniors
Homewatch CareGivers has a variety of resources available to help seniors. Our series of guides covers In-Home Senior Safety, Senior Health and Wellness, Remote Care Technology, the Legal and Financial Planning Needs of Seniors, Living with Dementia, and Lets Talk to ensure families understand the aging process, giving them resources to cope with the challenges.

Types of Home Care Services
Homewatch CareGivers provides many different services for not only seniors, but people of all ages. These include Day Surgery Services, Dementia Care, Elder Care for Chronic Conditions, 24-Hour Elderly Care, Hospital Discharge Services, and a description of how we can help People of All Ages.

Day Surgery Services
While day surgeries and outpatient procedures don't require people to stay in the hospital, coming home is still a difficult process. Homewatch CareGivers has many ways to help people recover in a stress-free environment – we do the errands and chores so your family’s focus can stay on getting back to the quality of life you all deserve.

Dementia Care
We have many comprehensive care programs designed for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Our caregivers receive special training in memory care and how dementia can change a person’s life. Daily activities that used to be easy are now very difficult and our care helps people maintain their independence.

Pathways to Memory
Pathways to Memory is a unique approach in Homewatch CareGivers’ mission to help those living with dementia. It is a coping solution for the entire family that can promote a better quality of life and help to foster independence of those facing a memory impairment.

Dementia Care Tips
Homewatch CareGivers has assembled many tips that is hands-on, no-nonsense advice for families and caregivers for people living with dementia.

Elder Care for Chronic Conditions
We offer training to caregivers so they can adapt to the specific needs of each client with a chronic condition. While different people person may have the same disease, it affects each person uniquely and we focus on matching the right solution with each client.

Elderly Care
We can provide care services to the elderly in shifts that range from two to 24 hours. Our estimates for round-the-clock care are very affordable.

Hospital Discharge Services
When a client is discharged from a stay in the hospital, we help them ease back into their life and get them back on their feet. We also quickly adapt when a recovery plan falls apart.

People of All Ages
We know in-home care is not only for older people. Our caregivers are trained, bonded and insured to help people of any age, 8 to 80, younger or older.

What is Home Care?
Many people have misconceptions about what they believe home care is, its role in a family’s life and how much it costs. We clear up many of the myths and rumors to give you the truth.

Home Care Articles
Home care news articles focused on the issues concerning your senior loved ones.

Caregiver Jobs
Jobs for caregivers are available in all of our premier home-care agencies. We are looking for eager, compassionate and hard workers to offer independence and dignity to our clients.

Company Information
Homewatch CareGivers became the premier home-care provider we are today on the backs of our great leaders. Learn more about them here and you can also find our Team Bios, Fact Sheet, Backgrounder, Press Releases and Logo/Images.

Paul Sauer began our mission to provide quality home care to our clients in 1980, building the company to fit the needs of first the Denver community and then expanding it beyond. After more than 30 years, we are now an international organization that helps thousands of people.

Team Bios
Our executive team continues to lead by following the example of our founder. Learn about the individuals who keep our focus on our clients in our mission to provide the best care available.

Fact Sheet
Learn the essentials of who we are, where we came from and how we got to where we are now. This includes a list of our numerous awards and recognitions.

This is a detailed overview of our company, including how we began and the specifics of what services we provide. At Homewatch CareGivers, we let this be our guiding principle: Our family cares for yours.

Press Releases
Get the latest developments and updates from Homewatch CareGivers as we provide premium home care to thousands of people, giving them then quality of life they deserve.

We have official Homewatch CareGivers logos and images available for public use with our consent.

We often publish news articles on home care or other topics concerning loved ones benefiting from home care, including seniors and those with debilitating conditions.

Franchise Opportunities
Homewatch CareGivers is only possible through our teamwork with our Franchise Partners. We are always looking for more hardworking people looking to begin or purchase a franchise in their area and learn more about the power of care. We offer total support and training to help our partners reach the level of business success they desire.

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