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Hospital Discharge


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Hospital Discharge Assistance

Homewatch CareGivers understands how critical a well planned hospital discharge can be. Our local offices can be integral throughout the transition home, whether this is a four hour event or for many days or weeks of assistance, and as flexible as needed. Our hospital discharge services help get clients safely home from a facility, easing back into daily routines as health conditions allow. Family members are not always available for the hospital discharge meeting with nursing staff, doctors and case managers; we understand the importance of having another set of eyes and ears to ensure nothing gets lost in translation. Getting back home after a medical procedure, surgery, or illness, can be a challenging process, with heaps of paperwork, hospital discharge instructions, medication requirements and various follow up appointments.

Our caregiver training and education programs are designed to continually broaden the skills and knowledge base of our care teams so that the hospital discharge process and ongoing services exceed the needs of the families we proudly serve. Caregivers trained to encourage active recovery while promoting compliance with the prescribed hospital discharge plan is important to a successful recovery process. The chances of being readmitted to a hospital after a procedure go down significantly with proper care and attention during the weeks following a hospital discharge. A holistic approach in developing the customized care plan considers emotional, physical, and social needs of our clients as they are interrelated and critical to overall well being.

After Rehabilitation Care

The care we provide to those rehabilitating is customized to the individual’s specific needs and wants, the discharge plan received at the hospital, and is always sensitive to the diagnosis and condition of the client.  Our in home caregiver services help fill in the gaps between the skilled physical and occupational therapy visits as well as skilled home health nursing visits to the home. Trained and compassionate caregivers offer safety, companionship and peace of mind that the client is eating and hydrating well, maintaining good hygiene, staying connected to others, and taking medications appropriately.

After Heart Surgery

Reliable home care services you can trust are not only valuable during your hospital discharge, but also during the 6-8 week recovery interval following a major heart surgery. Pain management will be a full-time focus, some assistance with bathing and dressing is typically required and driving is prohibited, as are running your own errands.  Homewatch CareGivers Hospital Discharge Services can help you get back on your feet.

After Joint Replacement

After joint replacement surgery, regular care needs may be intense for several days, even weeks. In-Home caregivers can be there to fill in the gaps while you recover with flexible shifts and compassionate care. Keeping up with medications, encouraging completion of prescribed physical therapy regimes and keeping overall health strong through proper nutrition and hydration are primary aspects of the hospital discharge plan after a joint replacement surgery.

Hospital Discharge Assistance by State or Province