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Las Vegas Out-Patient Surgery Assistance

It’s easy for your loved one to withdraw from friends and family following a day surgery, but Las Vegas Homewatch CareGivers helps keep them socially active and engaged. Getting to and from regular treatments can be hard for a family to handle, but Homewatch CareGivers in Las Vegas provides transportation services as part of our after surgery home care. The recovery from any sort of day surgery or treatment can be emotionally draining, so our after surgery caregivers offer support through both companionship and comfort. As your loved one recovers and benefits from care after surgery, Las Vegas Homewatch CareGivers communicates with your loved one’s other senior care providers to create a circle of support.

Knowing we provide your loved with the best after surgery care services puts you at ease, giving you peace of mind, when you cannot be there, that your loved one is in good hands. Our medically-knowledgeable after surgery caregivers, educated through our professionally-developed Homewatch CareGivers University, are trained and tested on what red flags to look for and can alert health care providers when necessary. Las Vegas Homewatch CareGivers follows HIPAA guidelines, ensuring your loved one’s privacy while we provide them the best in after surgery home care. The first 24 hours after a procedure can be the trickiest, so Homewatch CareGivers of Las Vegas offers round-the-clock after surgery home care and hospital discharge services to keep your loved one safe.

After Plastic Surgery

Adhering to the surgeon’s recovery plan is critical to the reduction of scarring related to a plastic surgery procedure; an investment in day surgery services will provide the helping hand to prevent over-doing it. Most cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries require a minimum of two days of restricted movement and limiting lifting, making this a critical time to have extra support around the house. Many clients prefer to recover in complete privacy, making daily errands and outings all but impossible without help.   

After Eye Surgery

Considering the following facts about common eye surgeries, many families lean on Homewatch CareGivers for support after such procedures. The 24 hours after Lasik eye surgery require complete relaxation and lying down with your eyes closed as a recommended recovery mode; retinal surgeries often require you to keep your head in a certain position for up to five days; lifting objects as light as 15 pounds can increase your intraocular pressure; glaucoma patients must limit their activities; and driving can be prohibited for a day or up to several weeks after surgery. Our caregivers can assist during this critical time to ensure that your loved one has the best possible outcome.

After Cancer Treatment

Returning home from a day surgery, chemotherapy or radiation related to the treatment of cancer should be as stress free, safe, and comfortable as possible; a compassionate caregiver makes this a top priority. Between managing medications, cancer-related neuropathy, nausea and fatigue, having assistance from a home care company that understands cancer treatment can make the difference between a difficult and smooth recovery.

After Dental Surgery

Sometimes the after-effects of oral surgery are quite minimal however it can complicate matters if health or independence is compromised. Caregivers can assist with planning and preparing modified diets and medication reminders to facilitate optimal healing. Caregiver training prepares them to provide protective oversight and assistance to the client's post-surgery needs.

Flexible Home Care Services

We design our home care service plans to work around your schedule and meet your individual needs. Our caregivers are there to give you peace of mind when you cannot be there – either for a few hours at a time or for longer periods.

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Eye Surgery Articles and Resources

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