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Nassau County Elder Care for Chronic Conditions

A person living with a chronic condition may have trouble with cleaning the house or fixing meals, but the senior care we provide can help them accomplish these tasks. By providing this type of elder care, it helps your loved one stay independent and in their home. We also know that living with a chronic condition can make it hard for your loved one to get moving, so caregivers with Nassau County, NY elder care make sure and offer verbal encouragement to your loved one to motivate them to get out of bed and get dressed for the day. This companionship also helps them get out of their house and into their community. The main focus of Homewatch CareGivers of Nassau County, NY is safety – our caregivers trained in elder care work to make sure your loved one’s home is a safe environment, continually reviewing the risk of a fall. Because a chronic condition can be hard on the entire family, it can quickly lead to burnout for a family caregiver. However, Nassau County, NY elder care can give you a break, giving you time to get away and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When this happens, it not only helps you, but your loved one as well.

Homewatch CareGivers of Nassau County, NY makes sure our clients stay connected with the outside world, whether by talking about the events of the day, getting outside for some fresh air, or by writing letters to the extended family – these simple acts can do wonders for your loved one’s emotional well-being, especially when they need dementia care. Our caregivers go through elder care training on many chronic conditions, including Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, the after-effects of a stroke, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), heart disease and lung disease so we can recognize signs of a possible life-threatening situation and respond quickly and effectively. People with chronic conditions can often experience unpredictable changes in their health, but Homewatch CareGivers of Nassau County, NY’s professionally-developed training courses prepare our caregivers with elder care so they are ready to adapt when they need to – we never get complacent.


For someone living with diabetes, even small daily changes can make a big impact on future health and well-being. Our caregivers, trained through professionally-developed courses, assist your loved one to live healthier by encouraging lifestyle choices that help manage their diabetes. A critical service for those living with diabetes is healthy meal planning and preparation to promote overall health; we will take your loved one to the grocery store and encourage healthy choices within their prescribed diet plan, taking into consideration their tastes and preferences. The professionally-developed courses on our Homewatch CareGivers University training platform equips our caregivers with the tools they need to report changes in skin appearance so we can share this with the medical professionals treating your loved one.

Parkinson's Disease

When the progression of Parkinson’s impacts a person, we understand the frustration that is felt by the entire family. We can offer support through encouragement when your loved one must go through prescribed exercise for muscular strengthening and development, and by alleviating burdens often left to family caregivers such as errands, housekeeping, and transportation to and from appointments.


Let Homewatch CareGivers provide relief for you and your family with knowledgeable caregivers who understand the chronic care needs of those who have experienced a stroke. Our compassionate caregivers patiently work through your loved one’s communication difficulties to promote their dignity, preferences, and lifestyles choices. With specialized training through our Homewatch CareGivers University, our caregivers know the strategies to help promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.

ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease

ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease leads to muscle weakening and affects the person’s ability to control voluntary movements of the muscles including those that control breathing. There is a progressive loss of ability for the person to be independent in their care; our caregivers, prepared by specialized training, know how to best care for someone living with ALS. They can plan and prepare special diets to facilitate good nutrition, offer emotional support allowing the client enough time to communicate, and stay sensitive to the preservation of your loved one’s dignity.

Heart Disease

We provide support for those living with heart disease through our personalized care plans that encourage your loved one’s commitment to their new, healthy lifestyle. Specific services include assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation to promote a heart healthy diet. We can recommend Remote Care Technology devices that monitor important health measures such as weight, blood pressure and oxygen levels, while also providing help with housekeeping, errands, and transportation to and from appointments. With a caregiver keeping an eye on your loved one day-to-day and trained to report changes, we can help to reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital.

Lung Disease

Caring for a loved one who is often short of breath and anxious can be taxing, overwhelming, and sometimes even scary. Our compassionate caregivers can help alleviate the stress caused by these unpredictable changes. Our caregivers help keep an eye on your loved one day-to-day and are trained to report any important changes, provide assistance adjusting to a new lifestyle, and facilitate the ease of social outings and daily errands, which can reduce family caregiver burnout.

Flexible Home Care Services

We design our home care service plans to work around your schedule and meet your individual needs. Our caregivers are there to give you peace of mind when you cannot be there – either for a few hours at a time or for longer periods.

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