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Zoom, Groove and Cruise Contest


Think life ends when someone needs the help of a walker? Think people in wheelchairs are old with nothing interesting to say? Think people using canes don’t care about style? Well, think again.

Homewatch CareGivers encourages our clients and caregivers who use mobility devices to enter the Zoom, Groove and Cruise contest, hosted by NOVA. NOVA specializes in brightly colored and patterned walkers, canes and wheelchairs along with all the accessories needed to lead an active life. By designing equipment that is both stylish and functional, NOVA is changing the way people face mobility challenges every day. They have created “The Zoom, Groove and Cruise Celebration” which was inspired by real customers and real stories.

Contest Rules:

Caregivers, loved ones, aids or salespeople upload a picture or video along with the story of how their elderly loved one zoom, groove and cruise with their NOVA product, and then get their friends, family and community to vote. The person with the most votes wins $5000 and a mobility makeover, along with $1000 for the loved one, aid or salesperson that helped them share their story. The stories can be about anything - how you love, who you love, what you do, how you explore, reach your goals, live your dreams, help others, do the improbable or change the world.

Submit pictures, videos & stories to: www.zoomgroovecruise.com