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  • Photo of Breanne Stuart
    Breanne Stuart Owner / CEO
    Photo of Breanne Stuart
    Breanne Stuart Owner / CEO

    Breanne Stuart is the owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor, MI. Breanne opened the private home care agency in 2008 to provide care to people of all ages and life challenges across Washtenaw, Livingston and Oakland counties. She opened the Belleville location in 2015 to provide home care to more people in need across multiple counties. Both agencies care for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Also serving as the President and CEO of Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor and Belleville, Breanne handles the strategic outlook, financials and operations of the two locations. She was chairwoman of the national Homewatch Caregivers Franchise Advisory Council between 2015 and 2016.

    Additionally, Breanne has an active role on the board in the newly formed Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) Fomerly known as Michigan in Home Care Association (MICA).

    It is Breanne’s passion for family and entrepreneurship that led her to open Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor. Her first experience with home care was with her own family—when she became a caregiver to her grandfather with Parkinson’s disease and her father who had colon cancer. It was during this time that Breanne realized the power of caregiver and hospice support—both helped grant her father’s and grandfather’s final wishes to remain at home, which ignited her passion for these services.

    Born and raised in Southern California, Breanne relocated to the Ann Arbor area 20 years ago to be closer to her extended family. Today, she provides jobs to over 70 people and compassionate care to her entire Homewatch community. Breanne’s favorite thing about her job is interacting with clients and helping them maintain as much independence as possible.

    Under Breanne’s leadership, Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor was named 2018 Provider of Choice in five of seven categories.

  • Photo of Angelique Fluellen
    Angelique Fluellen Director of Client Care
    Photo of Angelique Fluellen
    Angelique Fluellen Director of Client Care

    My name is Angelique M. Fluellen and I am the Director of Client Services and Office Manager at Homewatch Caregivers of Ann Arbor. I have both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work and have been working in the field of Social Work since 2008. Prior to beginning work at Homewatch Caregivers in 2014, I worked for many programs throughout Washtenaw County providing housing and community resources to homeless individuals who lived in the county.

    I still have a strong passion for our homeless/individuals in transition and find myself supporting many causing to continue to try to keep individuals and families safely housed but I became drawn to Geriatric Social Work after having to be a personal caregiver for my own father starting in 2009. My father, John McQueen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after my mother passed away suddenly in 2008 and I found myself quickly submerged in the role of caregiver and still daughter at the same time. I was able to get a first-hand glimpse of what it takes to be a caregiver, experiencing caregiver burnout, and seeing how awful a diagnosis such as Dementia/Alzheimer’s truly is for families. My father later passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s in 2013, which left me forever changed and re-evaluating my purpose in Social Work which soon led me to Homewatch Caregivers.

    I have now been in my role as Director of Client Services with Homewatch Caregivers of Ann Arbor for a total of 3 years and I have enjoyed every moment of my growth here. In my role as Director of Client Services I complete the Intake and Evaluations with clients so I am a great resource for providing information regarding the client’s Care Plan, Social History as well as updating any new changes in the client’s care. I am also trained in various areas of counseling ranging from couples, family, grief, substance, and individual counseling and provide a confidential and safe environment for clients and caregivers to speak freely and express any and all concerns. My background in Social Work and Counseling has allowed me to be able to think quickly and rationally during moments of crisis and provide interventions for both our clients and caregivers. In my role as the Office Manager I am the direct supervisor for all office staff and provide management of office schedules, and can provide backup to the various roles in the office such as scheduling needs, hiring needs, updating company requirements, etc.

  • Photo of Jeanine Evans
    Jeanine Evans Client Care Coordinator
    Photo of Jeanine Evans
    Jeanine Evans Client Care Coordinator

    I am Jeanine R. Evans and I am the Care Coordinator at Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor. Professionally I have been a Caregiver for over 20 years. Throughout the years I have provided care for the elderly and developmentally disabled children. As the Care coordinator my job is to effectively build and maintain our schedules by match our team of exceptional Caregivers to our wonderful clients, build lasting and effective care teams to create consistency, and staying up to date on clients ever changing care needs by communicating with families, clients, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. I am also responsible for training our Caregivers to ensure every member of our care team is proficient in providing a broad range of services to our clients.

    My journey at Homewatch CareGivers began November 12, 2015. At the time I had just moved to Michigan from California. When I walked into the Homewatch CareGivers office I instantly felt at home. Initially I started out as a Caregiver, which I loved! In April 2016 I was promoted to the Human Resource Manager and now I’m adjusting to my new position as the Care Coordinator. Over the past three years I have gained a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a home care company. Up until moving into the office I had only been exposed to providing care as a Caregiver. I knew what it took as a Caregiver to go into the clients home and provide excellent care. As an office team member I see what it truly takes to set up and provide exceptional home care.

    What I love most about Homewatch CareGivers is our family oriented environment for our clients and staff. When we care for a clients, we care for the family as a whole. And the same level of compassion is extended to our Caregivers. My most memorable experiences at Homewatch CareGivers have been during the holiday parties, when everyone is able to come together and celebrate each other.

  • Photo of Mariah
    Mariah Client Care Coordinator
    Photo of Mariah
    Mariah Client Care Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Mariah! I’ve been employed here at Homewatch CareGivers for three years now. I started out as a caregiver, I was just looking for a part-time job that could be flexible around my school schedule. I thought that working as a caregiver would be a great opportunity for me to get into the healthcare field. I am currently enrolled at Eastern Michigan University obtaining my Bachelor’s in Health Administration and a minor in Aging Studies. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2018.

    Last fall, I became the On Call Manager and the Social Media Coordinator, becoming the On Call Manager was such a great opportunity for me which led to more opportunities. This fall I became the scheduler here at Homewatch. My new role in the office has created many more relationships for me with our clients and caregivers. My number one goal is to make sure that our clients have the schedule that they requested with the caregiver that matches best with their care needs and personality. I have many memorable experience while working at Homewatch CareGivers. My all-time favorite memory is learning how to bake with one of my clients. She even shared some of her family recipes with me. My most recent memorable experience here at Homewatch , was participating in the Alzheimer’s walk. It was such a memorable experience to share with my coworkers for such a great cause.

    I came from a caregiving background. My mother is a nurse and has always worked at a nursing home. When I was younger, she would always take me to work with her. I would love interacting with all of her patients. In 2011, when I was only 15 years old my great grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia two months before she passed away. During those two months, I learned how to be a caregiver for her with the rest of my family. It was such a personal experience but it really taught me a lot. Two years later, my grandmother was experiencing many falls in the home. The week of my high school prom, as a family we had to move her into a nursing facility. Later, my grandmother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 2015, my grandmother passed away from MS, during her last few years of life I did everything that I could to help her. My family means the world to me. When I am not in the office or at school, I am spending time with them. Whenever I need anything they are always there for me, and whenever they need me I am always their number one caregiver!