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Caring Together: Social Workers and Caregivers

by Homewatch CareGivers | Feb 24, 2015
Social work and caregiving have a lot in common and often work together to improve the lives of those in need of assistance.

Social Workers and Client

 March is National Social Work Month and the goal of the National Association of Social Workers during this time of awareness is “to educate the public about how social workers and the association have brought about major positive social changes, improved the lives of individuals and families, and will continue to do so in the future.”

Social work and caregiving have a lot in common and often work together to improve the lives of those in need of assistance.

“When a patient is discharged from a hospital or nursing home, a social worker coordinates a safe discharge plan to establish that a patient will have all critical community supports in place, including home care and  visiting professionals such as nurses and physical therapists,” said Sherry Saturno,  LCSW, DCSW, and Executive Director of the Hudson Valley Care Coalition. “This is to ensure that an individual can remain at home safely with the applicable community based supports and reduce the risk of returning to an acute care setting.”


Both caregivers and social workers make a difference in people’s lives with their work.  Caregivers using a person-centered approach to care are striving to empower the person who needs care and assistance to continue growing as a person.

Social workers make an impact on people’s lives in many ways, according to Ms. Saturno. “The role of the social worker has expanded exponentially into business, healthcare, insurance, government, the armed services, and the arts,” explained Ms. Saturno. “There is no limit to what a social worker can do.”

Whether making a change one day at time with quality care or by calling public attention to compelling social matters and injustices with social work, the bottom line is the improvements made for those in need.

At the Intersection of Social Work and Caregiving

It can take teamwork to provide quality care and make a significant difference and this is when social workers and caregivers work in tandem.

“Social workers offer supportive counseling to help a patient through a significant transition, develop coping skills, reduce stress and depression, and strengthen a support network of friends, family, and community,” said Ms. Saturno. “There is a crucial connection between social work and in-home care.”

Social workers can also provide support for family caregivers who are feeling burned out or alone with new responsibilities.

““This results in a heightened family support system, better coping skills, and knowledge of self-care,” she said.

The theme for this year’s Social Work Month is, “Social Work Paves the Way for Change,” and there are many planned activities to showcase this. Visit www.socialworkers.org for details.