Fostering Her Own Dreams Now

Fostering Her Own Dreams Now

Iowa Woman Who Dedicated Her Life to Fostering At Risk Babies Has One Wish

It’s a funny truth about some people who seem capable of giving so much of themselves to others: they truly don’t think of doing similar nice things for themselves.

When a sort of fairy godmother steps in, such individuals can find themselves receiving instead of giving. Wish of a Lifetime is a non-profit organization that fulfills experiences for seniors in order to reunite them with long lost loved ones, meet their heroes, take rejuvenating vacations and engage in other activities that bring new meaning to their lives.

Kay, a 70-year old mom and grandma from Marshalltown, Iowa, devoted decades of her life to raising foster kids who were born with little hope. Often she took in infants who were exposed to drugs in utero, suffering from something called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, and then she nursed them back to health.

Although Kay had kids of her own, she changed her whole life around to care for these vulnerable newborns—about 50 over the years. For example, many of these babies suffered from seizures so Kay created non-stimulating environments in her home. This meant rooms with little to no auditory or visual stimuli—no music or cheerful colors—while the babies received constant love and affection from Kay.

As a volunteer for Healing the Children, Kay also fostered children from third world countries when they came to the United States for life-saving surgery. Ever humble about the life-changing impact she made for so many, Kays says, “I got so much more out of them then they did me.”

At the age of 64 Kay suffered a stroke that left her partially paralyzed and put an end to being a foster mother. This seems like the perfect time for Kay to start receiving so her daughter, Chris, nominated Kay for a wish with Wish of a Lifetime. “I want my Mom to relax and enjoy herself after so many decades spent caring for others,” Chris says.

Kay’s wish is to take a cruise, a dream she had during those years of nurturing foster kids. If you’d like to be part of helping Kay’s wish be fulfilled, please click here to donate now.

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