Caregiving and Simple Pleasures

Caregiving and Simple Pleasures

There’s something about summertime and the longer days and warmer temperatures that lead to thinking of life’s simple pleasure.

A simple pleasure is just that: something done routinely, not extravagantly, that brings an individual peace and happiness. Think of that daily cup of coffee—then imagine your day without it—or think of a monthly visit with a dear friend—then imagine they cancel. These experiences are what make up day-to-day life and give meaning to people’s lives at all ages.

As people age or adapt to living with a chronic condition, they may lose the ability to partake in an activity that previously brought them satisfaction. Caregivers—both family and professional—can be part of the solution to finding new ways to still experience the connection to pleasures and routines. When it comes to caregiving, the key element to simple pleasures is how they are customized for a particular person.

“People living with dementia can still be helped and assisted in enjoying those simple pleasures, which sometimes can set the tone for their entire day,” says Dr. G. Allen Power, a geriatrician and author of “Dementia Beyond Drugs” and “Dementia Beyond Disease: Enhancing Well-Being.”

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