Cost of Care

  • Ask Me Anything: Submit Questions to Our Experts

    Caregivers can benefit themselves and those they care for by getting enough support. Our experts will be available to you during an Ask Me Anything event on Sept. 27.

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  • Dementia & Quality In-Home Care

    Dr. G. Allen Power is a world-renowned dementia care expert. In this new video, he talks about the importance of quality in-home care after a dementia diagnosis.

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  • Are You Ready for Post-Surgery?

    In-home care can lead to success post-surgery. Take a look at our new flowchart to see if you're prepared to come home after surgery.

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  • Caregiving - When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    Family caregivers have the best intentions but often find themselves with more than they can handle. Read what caregiver expert Brenda Avadian suggests for more support.

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  • Can You Teach Compassion?

    One of the most desirable qualities in caregiving is compassion and it’s debatable if that can actually be taught—and more importantly, learned. Let's find out what compassion is and more about this important skill.

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  • The State of Dementia Today

    Is dementia on the rise or not? A geriatrician breaks down the data to explain if this incurable progressive disease is becoming more widespread or not.

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