In-Home Safety

  • Before After Surgery Care

    When you plan for assistance after a surgery for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to think about things before the surgery takes place when possible.

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  • Telehealth and Home Care

    The introduction of a global pandemic brought about a drastic change in how medical care not only can be offered, but how its delivery is sometimes preferred. Learn how home care can help.

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  • Alzheimer's Disease and Race

    Not everyone has the same prevalence for dementia, and research shows that African Americans have a significantly higher chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

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  • Caregiving Today: New AARP Report

    AARP has a new study that shows who is caregiving, who needs caregiving, and more that you might find relatable.

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  • A Return to Old Hobbies

    Being alone doesn't have to be boring and this year people decided that more time at home meant a return to slow-speed hobbies like baking, gardening, and more.

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  • Pet Safety Guide: Caring for Pets in Your Golden Years

    Having a pet at any age can bring great joy, but it's important to be fully prepared for the care of the animal.

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