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Recent Posts in October

  • Joy in Home Care

    Today we will be examining the role of joy in home care, and specifically the ways in which joy pertains to the seven “domains of wellbeing” as presented by the Eden Alternative.

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  • Growth in Elder Care

    In this post, we will take a brief look at the concept of growth and how it fits into person-directed models of care and why it is an integral part of wellbeing.

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  • Meaning Making as a Key to Wellbeing

    For the last few weeks, we have been exploring the core tenants of well-being. This week, we will be taking some time to explore the concept of meaning-making in a person-directed care model.

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  • Security and Autonomy: Two Keys to Wellbeing

    Last week we published a blog about the importance of person-directed care and how principles from The Eden Alternative have to power to transform homecare from being a transactional relationship into a transformational one.

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  • The Walk to End Alzheimer’s: Join Our Walk Team

    You may already be aware of an event, “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s” sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association happening on October 4 in Crystal Lake and October 3 in Vernon Hills

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