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Walnut Creek Central and East Contra Costa County & Surrounding Areas

One of the most common questions asked by potential clients is, “how much does it cost for the service?” Usually, our immediate reply is, “What are your needs?” because the cost of home care can vary from client to client.  There are so many ways Homewatch CareGivers of Walnut Creek can help you with our one-on-one personal care that is unique for your loved one and for the family. Our passion is to help your loved ones gets the care they need and keep the cost affordable; we will work with the individual or their community to develop a comprehensive care plan without any hidden or add-on costs. Affordable does not mean lack of quality. Our company relies on quality in the care we provide. We require our caregivers to take a minimum of 12 hours of training annually and shadow more experienced caregivers for more hands-on training. This is important to us to ensure we deliver the quality of care that we promise. Our Quality Assurance program is second to none. We are responsive to your needs and resolve any issues in a timely manner. Our owners will go above and beyond in the care plan and will never pass on the cost to you without prior confirmation.

The cost of home care are unique for each individual, varies based on the breadth of service provided, number of hours required in a day, and the number of days needed. Typically, hourly costs go down as the hours and number of days require increases, and fees go up when more skill is needed or desired.

Allow us to get to know you better so we can provide a personal care plan and an affordable cost for your needs. Call us today and get started on a care that will make a difference.