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Our Edina Team

At Homewatch CareGivers®, our mission is to deliver exceptional and compassionate care to your loved one and help ease your everyday stresses.
  • Photo of Deb Nelson
    Deb Nelson Owner
    Photo of Deb Nelson
    Deb Nelson Owner

    My favorite part of being the owner of Homewatch CareGivers in Edina, Minnesota is that I get to meet all of our clients and their families! Every client is unique and wonderful in their own quirky way – one might be intent on details, some tell jokes and laugh and have great senses of humor, some are sad about their condition and we cry together but each of these opportunities is a joy for me.

    I’m so grateful that I’m able to get to know each of our clients at the beginning of our relationship and really hear their challenges, their goals and their hopes. I love hearing what THEY want to accomplish and what THEY want their day to look like and then we do our best to help them achieve that.

    The other part of my job as the owner that I enjoy is being able to influence and mentor my staff. During my 30 years in corporate America, I was exposed to so much education about management, self- discipline, financial well-being and team-building. It’s now my job as a small business owner to bring information and training to my team on how to be better managers, how to approach challenges in a positive way and realize the benefits of holding yourself to higher standards.

    Many of my caregivers have not had advanced education or opportunities in their lives to have a mentor who is interested in coaching them to achieve more. I feel my role is to coach my management staff to be different than other agency staff – to uplift and support our caregivers so they learn to expect more of themselves. We want them to work at being better communicators, better employees, better neighbors and in some cases even better parents.

    Caregiving is exceptionally hard work. It takes a toll physically and mentally. If we can create an environment where our caregivers feel we truly care for them – they then can put their energy and attention into providing the highest quality care to our clients.

  • Photo of Amy VanderStelt, RN
    Amy VanderStelt, RN Registered Nurse Case Manager
    Photo of Amy VanderStelt, RN
    Amy VanderStelt, RN Registered Nurse Case Manager

    I began my medical career as a certified nursing assistant in a hospital on a med-surg floor. I knew immediately that helping people, giving my time and compassion, was exactly what I wanted to do. While working as a CNA I completed my surgical technologist degree. I spent five years in Rochester, MN working in the orthopedic department focusing on trauma, spine, and total joints. After meeting my husband, I moved to Owatonna, MN and decided I wanted more. Upon completing my nursing degree, I worked as an RN at a nursing home and rehab center. I learned about many acute and chronic conditions gaining experience related specifically to nursing and regulations. I later worked as Director of Health Services for an Assisted Living facility, where I was responsible for regulation compliance and patient care.

    Working at Homewatch Caregivers as the RN Care Manager has allowed me to focus on these same state regulations and direct care. I supervise the CNA’s who assist our clients to live safely and independently at home. I work closely with clients to perfect an individualized plan of care that is specific to their preferences, needs, and wants. I pride myself in following Minnesota’s strict home care regulations while going above and beyond for the care of our clients. I feel a true connection with our elder population. Every client has taught me something new either about myself or life in general.

    Besides being a nurse, I have three kiddos and a hubby who keep me busy. We enjoy being outside, working in our yard, working on our house, and when my husband and I get some free time we love to ride our motorcycles. I think of myself as a very outgoing, down to earth, hard worker. My parents always instilled in me and my siblings that hard work, honesty, and loyalty will get you far in life.

  • Photo of Dianna Kuck, LPN
    Dianna Kuck, LPN Staff Nurse
    Photo of Dianna Kuck, LPN
    Dianna Kuck, LPN Staff Nurse

    I'm Dianna Kuck, mother of three, grandmother of one, and a licensed practical nurse. I am the staff nurse for Homewatch CareGivers of Edina, Minnesota. Originally from northern Minnesota, I have lived in Burnsville for the past 20+ years. After helping raise our kids, I found myself with time on my hands and needing to change careers. As part of my effort to gain entrance into a nursing program, I was required to join the state registry of certified nursing assistants. I began working as a CNA afterward and was lucky enough to be placed with a couple where every thing just clicked. I attended nursing school while providing care for them and their support has been a rock.

    I found Homewatch Caregivers of Edina and since 2017 I have worked here as an LPN. Under the supervision, and with the aid of Ali Soderman, RN Case Manager, I provide care, set-up medications, re-assess client conditions, maintain documentation, and train caregivers; while also providing another set of eyes on our clients and as another route of communication for both clients and caregivers.

    A good nurse requires one be a lifelong learner; that is my favorite thing about this job. The constant opportunity to learn and to grow in every direction is only limited by my energy and by the number of hours in the day. The nature of this work also allows for the care of a variety of people in a multitude of situations, growing my experiences and knowledge base rapidly... and being helpful again feels pretty great too.

    I admit to a thrift store preoccupation, being a summer sale treasure hunter, and that I always have a few crazy quilts at some odd stage of semi-completion in my home.