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About Homewatch CareGivers of Fairfield County

Homewatch CareGivers’ mission is to provide the best care, support and companionship so your loved one has the respect and dignity that they deserve. We are Maricor Piloneo and John Pasini, owners of Homewatch CareGivers of Southwestern Connecticut and Fairfield County.

We both come from nurturing Filipino and Italian families where it is deeply engrained in our culture to take care of our elderly parents, grandparents and relatives. Growing up, we both had our grandmothers living in our homes for over 20 years. It is natural for us to do everything possible to engage with them in activities and ensure their comfort and care so they feel valued, dignified, independent and part of the entire family.

After working over 30 years in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industry, we decided to partner with Homewatch CareGivers, a franchise organization that started out as a small family business over 30 years ago to become one of the oldest and most respected home care companies nationally.

We don’t just operate the business; we also step in as caregivers and pass our experiences on to our caregivers.

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A half picture of an elder and her caretaker in a playground
  • “I would highly recommend this excellent service to others!”

    - Beverly G.

  • Elderly woman in a wheelchair and her caregiver spending time together
  • Two elders studying plants by a fountain
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