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Enterprise Franchise

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Forget the cookie-cutter franchising models. Individuals seeking franchise ownership want to run their own businesses with a certain amount of independence, rather than simply taking orders from a corporate franchise office. The concept of owning an Enterprise Franchise is best embraced by people seeking to own something with both a proven business model and the promise of arriving at success on their own terms. It is for ambitious and self-motivated leaders looking for a way to apply their skills, expertise and previous professional success to something they can claim as their own. These franchisees bring a fresh energy to franchising that is fueling a new business model.

We meet our enterprising franchisees halfway with a proven system and tools they need to succeed, and remain open to the experience, skills and knowledge that the franchisee can bring to the brand. Homewatch CareGivers encourages flexibility and independence among our franchisees when it comes to selling and marketing their services, while simultaneously guiding them with our proven best practices. While working within brand guidelines, our franchisees grow their business in local communities in unique ways. Here are the main elements of an Enterprise Franchise.

Integrated Franchise Marketing Systems

A proprietary Market Action Plan helps franchisees define their market at a high level

We work collaboratively with new franchisees to help them deeply understand their market demographics, competition, differentiators, etc. before developing location-specific sales and marketing strategies/tactics with financial goals

This market plan plays to the strengths, interests, and expertise of the individual franchisee as well as to our expertise as a premier home care franchise

A Proven and Customizable Franchise Toolbox

Regardless of the targeted markets selected, through our 3+ decades in business we have built a proven arsenal of tools and resources including:

Staff expertise in franchising, home care, health care, marketing, operations, and more

Marketing materials and tools, tailored to specific audiences

Customizable website – freedom to add local news stories, a personal story and video, as well as location-specific services offered

Recommended tactics and best practices

Guidance and tools on local social media and localized internet marketing campaigns

Training and testing on Homewatch CareGivers University – for various health conditions, as well as sensitivity training for particular audience demographics by culture, religion, diagnosis, etc.

An Effective Sales Approach

Diagnostic selling approach – can be used to market to any audience by identifying and providing solutions to specific needs

Proven tools for recruiting and managing direct sales staff

Strategic market planning – to allocate sales efforts according to your specific market needs, your business goals and your strengths

"I am so grateful to own a Homewatch Franchise!  We touch people’s lives everyday through the positive work that we do by helping those in need and providing jobs to caregivers." 

Kathryn Parks – Columbia, MD

"I've had many successes in my past career, but none have been more rewarding than giving back to my local community." 

Tanya Finnerty – Carlsbad, CA

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