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Is a Medical or Healthcare Background Required to Run a Senior Care Business?

No, medical and healthcare experience is not necessary to start a Homewatch CareGivers franchise. We find that people with marketing, sales or operations experience are well suited for this industry. We also look for individuals with high, long-term income goals who are equally interested in improving the lives of others.

We have created a list of traits that we look for in our franchisees, based on successful owners within our network, and ideal personal qualities we want representing our brand:

•    Ability to follow a proven business model
•    Experienced leader, managing a variety of individuals
•    Looking for a people-driven, service opportunity
•    Civic-minded; a community partner
•    Seeking an active role in ownership of a business
•    Passion for our Mission, Vision, Values

Please visit our Selective Candidate Profile for more details on our Ideal Franchisee Traits

"By purchasing a franchise, we did not have to reinvent the wheel. The business systems and best practices are already in place. "

Larry Kempton – Green Valley, AZ

"I rode the wave of Corporate America for 30 years, but owning and running my Homewatch CareGivers franchise means more to me than anything else I’ve ever done." 

Larry Aronson – South Orange, NJ

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