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The Homewatch CareGivers Advantage

Strong bond between client and caregiver

The Home Care Industry Is Flourishing. And We’ve Already Perfected How To Succeed In It.

Homewatch CareGivers franchise owners deliver a variety of person-directed, professional at-home services including senior care, care for individuals with developmental disabilities, after-surgery care, prenatal/postnatal care, and backup child and adult care services. At Homewatch CareGivers International, we aim for our franchise owners to provide best in class care for each and every client, to honor the work of  caregivers, to serve as a vital part of the continuum of care, and to provide the support that our franchisees need to find success and make a difference in their communities.


  • Our Approach to Care is Uniquely Powerful
    • Based on a person-directed approach to caregiving, the emphasis is on helping an individual to the best of their current abilities so that they continue to feel empowered.
  • We Use Technology to Support the Business of Care
    • Our proprietary, business-management software facilitates our care approach by capturing social history, matching caregivers, and even tracking outcomes. 
  • Industry-Leading, Proprietary Business Intelligence Tools
    • Business Intelligence tools help owners focus on business priorities and diagnose problems/opportunities.
  • Our Signature Care to Stay Initiative is Game-Changing for Caregiver Recruitment and Retention
    • We have worked directly with select Homewatch CareGivers offices to develop best practices and measure results that recruit and retain the best talent.
  • A Smarter, More Effective Client Acquisition Model
    • Our Support structure is not a "franchise in a box" — Many various revenue channels and not all are relevant or important to every franchisee and every market.
  • Strong Financial Results
    • We invest in the long-term viability and success of our franchisees, offering a competitive royalty structure and lower incidental fees, while still providing best in class training, conferences, and technology.

"I am so grateful to own a Homewatch Franchise!  We touch people’s lives everyday through the positive work that we do by helping those in need and providing jobs to caregivers." 

Kathryn Parks – Columbia, MD

“We have the best trained caregivers in our market."

Wes Carson – Portland, OR

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