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Meet an Owner: It Just Feels Good

Sometimes life is all planned out and then other times an unexpected experience can lead to something wonderful and fulfilling.

Kirk Fisher, owner of Homewatch CareGivers serving Williamsport, Pennsylvania, wasn’t looking to become a business owner and employer in his community. Around the time Mr. Fisher left a 20-year career in retail management, his mother-in-law’s health went into decline and he and his wife, Sondra, got a crash course in family caregiving.

“We learned a lot about needs and what was available and what wasn’t,” he says. “That was the learning process and then I saw this opportunity to be in this business and help other people get through that.”

In this video, Mr. Fisher talks about how his personal experiences led to a new career as a franchise senior care business owner.

When it comes to understanding how people can successfully support a loved one without sacrificing their own well-being, Mr. Fisher certainly gets it. “Everybody walks that fine line of, ‘I want to take care of them, they’re my relative, but I have my life too and how do I balance it?’” he explains.

Interested in the senior care industry? Visit our franchise website to learn more about owning a home care franchise​.

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