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Using the Calendar to Help Keep Clients Healthy

Did you know that May is “Better Hearing and Speech” month?

May is also Healthy Vision Month, Arthritis Month, Food Allergy Month and Osteoporosis Awareness Month.

The calendar is full of weekly and monthly observances that encourage learning about important topics dedicated to health and safety.

As non-medical caregivers, our Homewatch CareGivers team members can work with our clients and family members if you are interested in any of these topics each month.

Our continuing education for staff includes information on these specific health issues and resources to guide them in starting a conversation with you.

April was Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month and we made available a toolkit for staff from the Parkinson’s Foundation about ways we can support a care partnership. Like many health issues, we discussed that people may become “defined” by their disease, as “The Parkinson’s client,” instead of by their name, Bob or Jane.

We note that in May’s observances of Arthritis and Osteoporosis, that regular movement can help. Even short walks in increments of 10 minutes three times a day can make a difference.

You and your caregiver can plan opportunities to get outside now that real Spring weather has arrived at last.

Many of our clients have osteopenia or osteoporosis and may be at higher risk for fractures from falls. We do regular safety checks of your home to limit trip hazards to help prevent falls. Our caregivers are happy to talk with you and your family about ways to make sure you have a variety of ways to get healthy exercise.

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