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At Homewatch CareGivers®, our mission is to deliver exceptional and compassionate care to your loved one and help ease your everyday stresses.
  • Photo of Breanne Stuart
    Breanne Stuart Owner / CEO
    Photo of Breanne Stuart
    Breanne Stuart Owner / CEO

    Breanne Stuart is the owner of Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor, MI. Breanne opened the private home care agency in 2008 to provide care to people of all ages and life challenges across Washtenaw, Livingston and Oakland counties. She opened the Belleville location in 2015 to provide home care to more people in need across multiple counties. Both agencies care for clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Also serving as the President and CEO of Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor and Belleville, Breanne handles the strategic outlook, financials and operations of the two locations. She was chairwoman of the national Homewatch Caregivers Franchise Advisory Council between 2015 and 2016.
    Additionally, Breanne has an active role on the board in the newly formed Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) Fomerly known as Michigan in Home Care Association (MICA).
    It is Breanne’s passion for family and entrepreneurship that led her to open Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor. Her first experience with home care was with her own family—when she became a caregiver to her grandfather with Parkinson’s disease and her father who had colon cancer. It was during this time that Breanne realized the power of caregiver and hospice support—both helped grant her father’s and grandfather’s final wishes to remain at home, which ignited her passion for these services.
    Born and raised in Southern California, Breanne relocated to the Ann Arbor area 20 years ago to be closer to her extended family. Today, she provides jobs to over 70 people and compassionate care to her entire Homewatch community. Breanne’s favorite thing about her job is interacting with clients and helping them maintain as much independence as possible.
    Under Breanne’s leadership, Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor was named 2018 Provider of Choice in five of seven categories.

  • Photo of Hayley Palazzola
    Hayley Palazzola Care Coordinator
    Photo of Hayley Palazzola
    Hayley Palazzola Care Coordinator

    My career with Homewatch CareGivers began with my current position as Care Coordinator for our Novi office. This position has allowed me to leverage the skills obtained from completing my Associate degree in Business Administration. I have quickly learned how critical scheduling is to providing consistency to our caregiving staff, and industry leading customer service to our clients. I love to hear the stories of how our services make positive impacts on people’s lives. My favorite part of the position is meeting and learning about new people. Recently, I received a call from a client’s daughter letting me know how meaningful our services were to the family and that she made the right decision partnering with Homewatch CareGivers. This helped me understand the powerful role we play interacting with individuals and families. I have built so many great relationships since starting. I enjoy spending personal time with family. My nephews keep me very busy while not at work. We all enjoy playing sports and catching up on new movies!

  • Photo of Jeanine Evans
    Jeanine Evans Client Care Coordinator
    Photo of Jeanine Evans
    Jeanine Evans Client Care Coordinator

    I am Jeanine R. Evans and I am the Care Coordinator at Homewatch CareGivers of Ann Arbor. Professionally I have been a Caregiver for over 20 years. Throughout the years I have provided care for the elderly and developmentally disabled children. As the Care coordinator my job is to effectively build and maintain our schedules by match our team of exceptional Caregivers to our wonderful clients, build lasting and effective care teams to create consistency, and staying up to date on clients ever changing care needs by communicating with families, clients, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. I am also responsible for training our Caregivers to ensure every member of our care team is proficient in providing a broad range of services to our clients. My journey at Homewatch CareGivers began November 12, 2015. At the time I had just moved to Michigan from California. When I walked into the Homewatch CareGivers office I instantly felt at home. Initially I started out as a Caregiver, which I loved! In April 2016 I was promoted to the Human Resource Manager and now I’m adjusting to my new position as the Care Coordinator. Over the past three years I have gained a wealth of knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a home care company. Up until moving into the office I had only been exposed to providing care as a Caregiver. I knew what it took as a Caregiver to go into the clients home and provide excellent care. As an office team member I see what it truly takes to set up and provide exceptional home care. What I love most about Homewatch CareGivers is our family oriented environment for our clients and staff. When we care for a clients, we care for the family as a whole. And the same level of compassion is extended to our Caregivers. My most memorable experiences at Homewatch CareGivers have been during the holiday parties, when everyone is able to come together and celebrate each other.

  • Photo of Mariah Garner
    Mariah Garner Care Manager
    Photo of Mariah Garner
    Mariah Garner Care Manager

    Five years ago, I began my career as a caregiver in the Ann Arbor office. After taking on several roles in the organization, I worked my way into my current position as Care Manager of the Huron Valley office. Last spring, I received my Bachelor’s in Health Administration and a minor in Aging Studies in early 2019. Working in different roles has greatly increased my knowledge and experience in homecare. I have many memorable experiences while working at Homewatch, most recently was participating in the Alzheimer’s walk. It was rewarding to partner with my coworkers and clients for such an amazing cause.

    I came from a caregiving background. My mother is a nurse and has always worked at a nursing home. When I was younger, she would always take me to work with her. I loved interacting with her patients. In 2011, when I was only 15 years old my great grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia two months before she passed away. During those two months, my family and I learned how to be a caregiver. It was such a personal experience, forcing my to learn a great deal about caregiving. Two years later, my grandmother was experiencing many falls in the home. As a family we had to move her into a nursing facility. Later, my grandmother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In 2015, my grandmother passed away from MS. During her last few years of life, I did everything that I could to help her. These personal experiences have established the foundation I build upon every day at Homewatch CareGivers.