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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “My wife had home care from Welcome Homecare eleven years ago, following knee replacement surgery. My brother-in-law had home care from Welcome Homecare earlier this year, after having had a stroke. They were so pleased with the service, I knew Welcome Homecare was the agency for me after my hip replacement surgery. Cody Walker and Jessica Pedonti were my physical therapists. They were personable, informative and thoroughly professional. Despite the fact that I am eighty-seven years of age, they treated me with respect and reasonable expectations. By the time I was discharged to outpatient physical therapy, I felt confident that I was on the road to recvery. Their patience, knowledge and persistence paid off for me. I heartily and unreservedly recommend Welcome Homecare as a premier home health care service. Thank you for getting me back on my feet, (literally), Cody and Jessica!”
    - John P. Sullivan
  • “I had to go to my doctor but my card for JTA disabled bus had to be replaced. I called on HomeWatch and a Caregiver arrived on time. Caregiver took me to the doctor appointment. Second, went downtown Jacksonville JTA for bus pass. Third, she took me to grocery store and helped shop. Home, she put groceries away; put my cat in a box for vet and took the cat to have toenails clipped; grabbed meds on the way home . We started 10AM; finished about 3PM. She was wonderful and I hope to work with her again!!”
    - Marina
  • “As an emergency illness came up with my dad, the Homewatch Caregivers staff came to our rescue within hours. They provided part and full time care as needed and worked diligently to match the caregiver with meeting our care needs. The staff and caregivers are extremely pleasant to work with and truly care about the client and giving support to the family in need. They have been a true blessing to us and provided the peace of mind we needed during this time. Thanks so much!!”
    - Susan
  • “I am lucky that I have a good person that comes here three times a week from HomeWatch Caregivers. She is a very helpful young lady and very friendly as well. We get along fine and I have no problem. They do everything I ask of them. They pick up my prescriptions, drive me to my doctors, to stores, and do chores for me.”
    - Happy Client