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Our Grapevine Team

At Homewatch CareGivers®, our mission is to deliver exceptional and compassionate care to your loved one and help ease your everyday stresses.
  • Photo of Heidi Cook
    Heidi Cook Director of Client Care
    Photo of Heidi Cook
    Heidi Cook Director of Client Care

    Heidi was born and raised in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, which is a small town in England. She came to Texas in 2014 to be close to family and to chase the glorious sunshine that Texas offers year-round.

    Heidi says, “I graduated from the University of The West of England in 2007 and acquired my bachelor’s degree in Nursing. I started with Cardiothoracic Nursing and progressed into Trauma. I even took a go at med-flying, yet my stomach was sadly not up for it. My role here at Homewatch CareGivers is an exciting one to have, and my goal is to find and guide the best of the best caregivers in Keller Grapevine for you and your loved one. I’m here to partner with our clients to make sure they are not only receiving the best care, but that they are able to enjoy each day as well. I believe that remaining healthy and safe in your home is paramount and age is merely a number when doing what you love the most. I have 3 children and 3 dogs; my eldest son is active duty in the US Army, my daughter is striving for greatness and my youngest is excelling in elementary school. I wish to travel the US more and adopt all rescue dogs.”

  • Photo of Fredrick
    Fredrick Happiness Director
    Photo of Fredrick
    Fredrick Happiness Director

    Meet Freddy! He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and loves to go to the office every day. He is currently training to be a therapy dog so that he can volunteer to cheer up those in hospitals or facilities with his adorable big ears and snuggles. He is also available to visit our clients, if requested.

    Freddy loves to nap, spend time with humans, chase lizards, and explore Austin in his free time.

  • Photo of Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Staffing Director
    Photo of Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Staffing Director

    Ashley Smith, Staffing Director at Homewatch CareGivers in Keller Grapevine, interacts with all caregivers to coordinate warmhearted and versatile care to clients. She worked for several years as a high school English teacher before transitioning to home care, and says, “Serving and empowering others is the most meaningful way I know to live my life.” When she’s not at work, Ashley likes to read good books, food, and adventures.

  • Photo of Christie Kotobi
    Christie Kotobi Director of HR
    Photo of Christie Kotobi
    Christie Kotobi Director of HR

    Christie is a human resources professional who was searching for her next opportunity. Deciding to open Homewatch CareGivers of Keller Grapevine was a decision that came easily after having the experience of saying goodbye to her grandparents. Christie was very close with her grandmother, “Gammie.” Gammie was an extremely vibrant, happy, and industrious woman who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and suffered a very difficult year before passing away. Christie was blessed with the opportunity to spend priceless hours with Gammie as she became increasingly unable to care for herself without assistance. Sometimes what she needed was companionship, a drive into town, help making dinner, or doing her hair. Toward the end, her needs become more complicated with showering, a complicated medication schedule, multiple doctor visits, etc. None of this felt like a burden, and in the end, it shaped the direction of Christie’s future.

    Christie and her husband, Kamran, were married in 2017. “We love living in Austin because we’re enthusiastic dog people, we love that this city is so pet friendly! We’ve spent a lot of time training our sweet therapy dog, Fredrick,” Christie says.

    “Being outside, surrounded by live oak trees with the smell of cherry or hickory wood in the breeze is a pretty fantastic way to live! We love spending time with our family near and far, road-tripping, volunteering, random visits to Disneyland, and consuming all books we can find about world history,” she added.