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Story of Homewatch CareGivers of Knoxville

Hi, our names are Jessica and Tracy Walter, owners of Homewatch CareGivers serving Knoxville. We are a mother-daughter partnership that is looking forward to getting to know you and want to tell you a little about ourselves.

Being able to stay in one’s home, in the place where they were born and raised, is a comfort that everyone should be able to embrace. There is no better delight than to be surrounded by one’s comforts, photographs of years past, and the memories of life and love. This feeling of nostalgia is one that every individual has the right to experience.

I was blessed to be a part of a team that helped embrace this feeling of nostalgia for my grandfather. There was no greater happiness than seeing him completely engulfed in the peace and joy of remaining in the home that he had raised his family in; in the home that he had witnessed his son take his first steps in; in the home that provided a level of safety and comfort for his family for so many years. Being able to nurture his independence and health made the world of difference to him. In his final days, being surrounded by a team of nurturing home care aides, being surrounded by his loving family, and in a home with such joyful memories, kept him comfortable and at peace.

This level of comfort and contentment is what my nurturing care team, my mother, and I, strive for with every individual. Every person that seeks out Homewatch CareGivers of Knoxville to help assist them in care for themselves or another will be treated with an over-abundance of support, kindness, guidance, and care. We strive to treat every individual as part of our family. We want to be that safety net; that team of love and support that helps you in the time of need. We understand how important it is to keep you healthy and happy. Well, you could not ask for a more dedicated care team; from the office staff, to the caregivers and nurses, to the owners. We are all here to assist in any way possible.

When situations arise and you do not know what to do or where to turn, we are here. We would love nothing more than to provide a superior level of care, and to allow every individual, like my grandfather, to embrace that feeling of joyful memories. Being able to stay in your home, in a safe, loving environment helps foster a healthier way of being. As you can probably tell, you and your loved one’s well being is our passion. We are passionate in making sure every individual in need, has support.

We would love nothing more than to have you be a part of our care family. Learn more about our Knoxville home health care services today.

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  • “Having a loved one who needs special care is not easy on them or ...”

    - Mark & Tracy G.

  • “Thank you for the excellent and caring people working for ...”

    - Janine B.

  • “Our Mother's needs were well met and we were put at ease.”

    - Mark & Tracy G.

  • “Jessica found the perfect caregiver for my mother and we ...”

    - Stephanie H.

  • “Your quality of employees and the care they give is exceptional.”

    - Stephanie H.

  • “Both caregivers were excellent.”

    - Ken B.

  • “I would always recommend Homewatch to anyone who needs their ser ...”

    - Stephanie H.

  • “Having a loved one who needs special care is not easy on them or ...”

    - Mark & Tracy G.

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