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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • Homewatch has enabled me to stay in my comfortable home and avoid moving into a Senior or nursing home facility. I remain handicapped but independent. I cannot drive a car, but the aides can and do. They get me and my transfer chair to my doctor appointments -- avoiding my use of LYFT or similar services with strangers who are not concerned with my well being. The Homewatch aides are so kind and helpful -- sometimes they anticipate my needs before I do! Remarkable indeed. You can count on their showing up on time. Dependability fosters trust and peace. My quality of life remains good due to their help.

    - Victor K.
  • “They are excellent! They are very professional, prompt, friendly, and helpful.”
    - Ildiko R.
  • “They are really exceptional with communication because they notify us of bills, and they respond to emails within minutes.”
    - Frances S.
  • “I ask for light cleaning and she goes above and beyond with everything. She prepares meals for me, bathes me and just does everything.”
    - Vera J.
  • “The staff is great. They are extremely helpful in setting up my mother's claims for the insurance, and they are also very helpful in scheduling to take her to the doctor's office.”
    - Jeff A.
  • “If the caregiver has not called us, the office will call us and check on things. They are on top of their caregivers.”
    - Stephen C.
  • “The owners have listened to all of my concerns and have gone out of their way to find a good match.”
    - Kim W.
  • “The office staff from Homewatch CareGivers calls me in advance when there is an issue. They ask me for my input on any new caregivers they send me.”
    - Charles S.
  • “I would tell someone that everything with Homewatch CareGivers comes down to the caregivers that you work with. We have had great caregivers that pay a lot of personal attention to my mother. A few of them have treated my mother like family.”
    - Clarence D.