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One of the most common symptoms of dementia is memory loss. Often, people with this degenerative disease have trouble remembering to pay the bills, tend to misplace important items, and often get lost. To maintain their quality of life, patients with progressive conditions of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease need to engage in activities that would stimulate their mind and memory. Seniors with dementia need to have a home health care plan specifically tailored to their needs. This way, they can participate in activities that are enjoyable and engaging at the same time. Home care agencies like Homewatch Caregivers in Alpharetta, GA can help you. 

The Magic in Music

There is a reason why music has always been linked to intelligence. Apparently, the brain stores memories associated to music for a surprisingly long time. It has nothing to do with magic though, more like complicated science. According to the Australian Journal of Dementia Care, musical activities can help a patient enhance mood and lower levels of stress and agitation, especially if they are a big fan of music. Activities like listening to their favorite tunes, playing instruments, dancing, or watching a musical can do wonders for the memory. 

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts activities aren’t just for children anymore, it could also be beneficial to people living with dementia. Art activities grant seniors the opportunity to freely express themselves and show off their skills. At the same time, it is an activity that can be repeated every day to ease stress and provide a sense of mastery. An afternoon spent doing the simplest things like making string popcorn, creating collages, or scrap-booking can be sufficient exercise for the brain and the hands.  

Fun Under the Sun

Being outdoors under the sun never fails to put anybody in a very good mood. For seniors with dementia, it could help them feel better, sleep more soundly, and eat heartily. This may have a greater effect specifically on those who loved being outdoors or who used to do work outside a lot when they were younger. Simple activities like gardening and going on a nature walk is ideal for these types of patients. Of course, they’ll need someone to watch over them while they are outside. Make sure you hire capable care takers from home care agencies like Homewatch CareGivers of North Atlanta in Alpharetta to look after your elderly loved ones. 

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