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Parkinson’s Disease Tips

If you or a family member is living with Parkinson’s disease, you might be interested in learning how to improve your overall health care to live a better lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise can make a difference for those living with Parkinson’s, and potentially have a positive impact on mental health as well as physical health. Continue living your best life after a Parkinson’s diagnosis.

5 Tips for Living with Parkinson's Disease

1. Plan for physical activity.
Especially if it can also be a social activity such as dancing, yoga, or walking. Our skilled caregivers live throughout the area, from Jax Beach to Hastings, and help our clients take part in these social activities. 


2. Stay hydrated.
Prevent constipation by sipping water throughout the day (consider any water restrictions), reduce sugar intake and increase fiber-rich vegetables in diet.


3. Address depression.
Depression is common in people with PD. Talk with a health care provider who can guide decisions on medications and/or alternative treatments.


4. Schedule medication reminders.

Medications for PD can have a time sensitivity.

5. Encourage independence.

Encourage independence with eating by serving food cut into small pieces or pureed if swallowing becomes a problem.