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West Los Angeles Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and South Bay

At Homewatch CareGivers of West Los Angeles, we believe that having a plan of care is essential to ensuring that our clients receive the care that they need and want. Our home care plans begin with a detailed assessment, developed by a nurse and enhanced with the Eden at Home principles. We’ll talk through where you are with the basics of health: eating healthy meals, getting enough to drink, taking medications accurately and on schedule, getting physical exercise, getting mental and social stimulation, and making sure those things that are simple pleasures in your day don’t get overlooked.  We’ll talk about activities of daily living and whether any help is needed with bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and walking.  We’ll discuss the household activities that keep a house running, such as grocery shopping, getting to appointments, doing dishes, sweeping and vacuuming, laundry, etc.  Then we’ll produce a detailed plan of care that we’ll all use as the guidelines for what we’ll expect of the caregivers working with you.  We do this free of charge when you contact us for a free assessment.

 Your home care service plan may include:
Bathing, Dressing, Grooming & Toileting
Bathing Assistance Skin Check
Dressing Assistance Oral Hygiene Assistance
Denture Care Assistance Comb & Set Hair
Nail Care (File and Clean) Toileting Assistance
Incontinence Care Assistance Perineal Care
Catheter/Ostomy Bag (Empty Only)
Housekeeping & Laundry
Vacuuming & Dusting Change Bed Linens
Clearing Clutter & Trip Hazards Organizing Household Items
Incorporating Food Preferences & Dietary Restrictions Report Refused Nutrition/Hydration
Cooking Together and Eating Together Menu Planning
Nutrition & Hydration Oversight
Errands & Transportation
Grocery Shopping Pharmacy
Dr's Appointments Social Outings
Medication Reminders Adherence to Dosage, Time of Day, Dietary Guidelines & Activity Scheduling
Remote Care Technology Medication Dispensers Communication About Adherence & Adverse Side Effects
Social Engagement
Arts & Crafts Cards & Board Games
Story Sharing & Reminiscing Music & Movies
Outings & Social Activities with Friends and Family
Safety Precautions
Fall Risk Evaluation Full House Safety Evaluation
Ambulation Assistance Transfer Assistance (Bed, Car, Chair)
Bed-Bound Repositioning Assistive Devices
Remote Care Technology & Safety Alert Systems
Quality Oversight
Quality Assurance Visits Family Involvement in Plan of Care
Indepth Social History Caregiver Matching
Care Plan Documentation
Routine Exercising Adherence to Smoking & Alcohol Reduction Recommendations
Sleeping Patterns
Care Communication
Communication with Family Communication with Providers Out of Home (PCP, Specialist, Pharmacist, Clinic)
Communication with Providers Coming into the Home (PT, OT, Home Health, DME, Oxygen) Dr Appointment Scheduling and Updates