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In the interest of protecting our clients and limiting their liability exposure, Homewatch CareGivers adheres to best practices that promote the highest possible standards in quality care. Despite the fact that non-medical home care is not a regulated industry in Arizona, Homewatch CareGivers self regulates to the same standards expected of care partners working in Assisted Living communities. Unlike some agencies, we do not trust the cheaper practice using independent contractors. Each member of our caring team is our employee. As a result, we can hold our care partners accountable for maintaining the high standards of care that we expect through continuous training and supervisory oversight and evaluations provided by our staff of Client Service Coordinators.

Additionally, some companies profit by structuring their service to avoid payroll taxes and legal liabilities that serve to protect the consumer; that is, insuring and bonding their staff, and providing Workers Comp insurance. Their avoided costs can become your responsibilities. Unlike these companies, Homewatch CareGivers assumes all employer liabilities and we do not allow these costs to become your family’s obligation.

Be certain to ask the following questions to ensure that the company you are considering to hire for care of a loved one follows those standards:

  • Are the care partners employees or contractors? That is, who is responsible for their pay and for paying their payroll taxes?
  • Are we protected from theft or injury as a result of an accident out of negligence of the care partner? Ask to see the company’s Certificate of Insurance for General and Professional Liability.
  • What happens if the care partner were to hurt themselves while in our home providing care? Who is responsible for paying their medical costs and any lost wages as a result of time away from work due to injury?
  • Is there any oversight, training, and support for the care partner, or is it our responsibility?
  • What happens if the care partner does not show up for their shift?

These are some of the main factors to consider when choosing a care provider.

Though important, home care cost should not be the only consideration. Homewatch CareGivers will work with our clients to make home care as affordable as possible. We do not charge any up-front fees for a deposit. We accept many different forms of payment. For those with Long Term Care insurance, we will file all claims at no extra charge and will accept an Assignment of Benefits to minimize our clients’ out of pocket expense.

Homewatch CareGivers provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee of their service. If we do not provide the service requested, in good conscience we cannot accept payment.

Please contact our office at 602-953-2872 to arrange for a FREE consultation and assessment of home care needs, or to have any remaining questions you may have answered.