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Edina Minneapolis and the West Metro

We can teach skills for elderly care services, but not human nature. At Homewatch CareGivers in Edina, Minnesota, we know that the best quality in a caregiver is their true compassion for others. We strive to treat our caregivers with respect and send them to a client’s home feeling like they have been adequately trained and supported for their role.

Always Caring

Caregiving is a two-way street. A client partners in care with our staff and each person has the chance to learn and grow in the relationship. Deeply knowing our clients benefits not only each client, but our caregivers as well.

When it comes to explaining what it’s like to work here, our caregivers say it best. (Hint: grab a tissue!)

Shelby Fortmann, 21, shares this heartwarming story of what it’s like to get to know a client. 

“Very recently, I began working with a new client,” she says. “The first day was a little discouraging. I was just expecting to do my job as usual on the second day, but little did I know that day would have a big impact on me. About halfway through the day, I went in to check on the client and she began talking to me. After being told that this person didn't usually make conversation, I was pleasantly surprised. Then, at the end of our conversation, she looked at me and smiled and said, "Tell your mom she raised a great person." This completely unexpected compliment was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment! Ever since that day, whenever I begin to feel discouraged, I think of that moment and it pushes me to keep going. Clients truly are able to impact people in this field in huge ways.”

Shelby is motivated by her desire to help others. “Seeing smiles each day for doing my job makes everything worth it,” she adds. “I love that I’m truly able to make an impact in other people’s lives.”

Making Connections

In order to make good matches between caregivers and clients, we first need to know our caregivers well. It starts with orientation, during which owner Deb Nelson shares her expectations of caregivers who will represent the company as she explains the culture and philosophy here. For quarterly staff meetings, Deb makes a meal for the staff (one that always includes dessert!) to enjoy together. “I feel that sharing a meal together – especially one I prepared myself and served to them – encourages relationships and creates a culture where we care for and about each other,” Deb explains. “For some of our caregivers we are the only family they have. In addition to the food, we always make it a positive and uplifting experience. Sometimes we talk about policies and procedures and there’s always a training segment – but there’s also lots of laughter and fun. And of course, recognition of outstanding performances.”