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Caregiver Spotlight

Most Supportive Caregiver - Nora Loss

We chose Nora as our spotlight caregiver because of her incredible story during her client’s last days.

undefinedHave a listen: Last month, Nora was temporarily living in with a bed-bound woman in Aurora while her husband was on vacation. On Nora’s last night of living in with her client, they stayed up late watching TV and laughing, having a great time and carrying on great conversation. The client called and spoke with the husband, she told her she loved him, and they later went to bed. Early the next morning, Nora woke the client and checked on her to make sure she was okay. Understandably, the client was tired from staying up late and wanted to go back to sleep. So, Nora let her, and she carried on with the chores of the day. Later into the morning, Nora came back to check the client, but she was unresponsive. She checked her pulse, and nothing. She checked her breathing, nothing. Nora promptly called 911, made the husband aware, and called us and let us know. When 911 arrived, they pronounced the client dead. She passed away at 57 years old.

It was such a tragic and sudden occurrence, and her husband had to come home that day to the worst possible scenario. Our hearts ache for their family, and we truly mourn her loss. We are so proud of Nora for her graceful approach in handling one of the hardest moments of caregiving. Nora only knew the client for a couple days, but she says she was honored to work with her during her last moments, and she was most happy that the client was able to tell her husband she loved him.

Thank you so much for your amazing work Nora!

Caregiver of the Month - Desiree Chavez

undefinedBack in August, we were looking endlessly for a good match for one of our clients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s who was very resistant to care. As if the stars aligned, we found Desiree. She told us her success stories of being paired with some of the most difficult clients due to her high capacity of patience and her positive aura. After a week of working with our toughest client, Desiree finally got her to consent to care. She is truly a miracle worker! When we asked Desiree what helps her work with difficult clients, she told us she like to keep in mind a quote her grandfather always lived by: “All days are good, it’s just that some days are better than others.” We truly feel blessed to work with someone like her who understands the importance of compassion for others. Thanks so much for all your amazing work Desiree! The world needs more people like you. We love you!

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  • “They truly care about your family member”

    - LaVergne R.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “I really appreciate all you did”

    - Kim E., Daughter

  • “Dennise, Nancy and Eileen provide both companionship and comfort”

    - John

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Excellent caregivers!”

    - Jan P.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Homewatch caregivers management group worked unceasingly to ...”

    - Mark s.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “They have been able to help with needs on a very timely basis”

    - Ron S.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Both the caregivers & office are very helpful”

    - John S.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Extremely dedicated!”

    - Kerry

    From Lisle, IL

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