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Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver of the Month - Nicole Lozada

Nicole is our warrior woman in shining armor! She covers shifts left and right and is always willing to pitch in to help someoneundefined. She dubs herself a “work horse” because she loves to work, but she ultimately has a true love for what she does: “I love working with people and helping them. And I love working for Homewatch because the office staff are awesome, and I get to meet so many new people.” Her compassion for others truly shines through her work, as her clients treasure her close attention to their care. She always makes them feel like family and takes initiative with anything they need. Thanks so much for all you do, Nicole!

Most Supportive Caregiver - Orel Baniqued

We have named Orel our most supportive caregiver because of his amazing positivity. He is always lifting others up in the wundefineday he spreads his love, praise, and gratitude. Even when getting honored, Orel was quick to praise others: “Thanks so much to you too Boss Dennise! I'm just doing my best on everything regarding our work for the best of the company! You are the best Boss Dennise and I never had an awesome boss like you before! Thank you and you're always very much welcome!” What a great guy! He also provides exceptional care for a long-term client, and has consistently represented our values of compassion, commitment, and integrity. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate him. Thanks, Orel!

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A half picture of an elder and her caretaker in a playground
  • “Dennise, Nancy and Eileen provide both companionship and comfort”

    - John

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Homewatch saved the day”

    - James L.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Excellent caregivers!”

    - Jan P.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “Both the caregivers & office are very helpful”

    - John S.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “They have been able to help with needs on a very timely basis”

    - Ron S.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “They truly care about your family member”

    - LaVergne R.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “She is vested in his care!”

    - Joe P.

    From Naperville, IL
  • “They have excellent management and great communication”

    - Kay H.

    From Naperville, IL

  • Elderly woman in a wheelchair and her caregiver spending time together
  • Two elders studying plants by a fountain
  • An elderly woman's hands drawing on a notebook