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testimonial tuesday

“Dennise, I so appreciate Kris, Kathy, and Raquel in the office. They are such troopers working under enormous pressure. They are always kind and gracious and patient with me! They are great to work with.”

- Priscilla, Homewatch Caregiver

The Naperville and Lisle Townships Triad is a collaborative partnership between law enforcement, senior citizens and community groups. Click here for more information!

The mission of Triad is to enhance the quality of life of all senior citizens in Naperville Township and Lisle Township. Triad empowers senior citizens to become more involved in community programs, including crime prevention programs, educational seminars, and implementing means to make the community a safer place for senior citizens.

Homewatch CareGivers Naperville is a member of the Naperville/Lockport Triad.

Register for the next Naperville/Lisle Triad Series "Healthy Wealthy & Wise - Senior Health: Vaccination 2021" on March 5!

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