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  • Long Term Care Under The Veterans Administration

    Did you know that veterans and their surviving spouses (65 years and older) could be eligible for long term care benefits under the Veterans Administration (VA)? Not many people do.

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  • December- Caregiver of the Month- Ann Boggan

    Congratulations to Ann Boggan, our Caregiver of the Month. Ann does a phenomenal job caring for each client assigned to her and takes her job very seriously. Her clients love spending time with Ann and have shared many wonderful things about her.

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  • November Caregiver of the Month- Addie Odigie

    Please join Homewatch Caregivers (HWCG) in congratulating Addie Odigie for being selected “Caregiver of the Month.

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  • November- A Clients Story

    We stand to honor John, who served as a Marine in World War II, and thank him for his service.

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  • Caring for a Quadrapeligic

    Quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is the loss of motor function in one or more muscles … or paralysis. Paralysis can also be accompanied by a loss of feeling in the affected area if there is sensory damage as well resulting in partial or total loss of all four limbs and torso.

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  • Taking the Keys Away From Your Elderly Parent

    Agencies like Homewatch CareGivers provide personal care services that includes having a caregiver do the driving for older adults. They keep their independence and the caregiver can provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping, private outings, etc.

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