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Westlake Cuyahoga & Lorain Counties

Meet Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill, co-owner and managing director of the Westlake, Ohio Homewatch CareGivers' office, can relate to man of the families she works with. Her own family has been touched by Alzheimer's disease.  

“Spending time with our clients and learning about their life experiences while witnessing firsthand the impact we can have on our clients by simply listening to them and enjoying their companionship makes me glad I do what I do,” Ashley explains. 

Ashley oversees the Medicaid home and community-based waiver services for individuals living with developmental disabilities, while managing marketing and sales endeavors that build relationships with local experts who may also be of service to clients. “I am committed to ensuring the peace of mind of our clients’ loved ones while also supporting our clients’ independence,” she says. 

Ashley Hill

Managing Director