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At Homewatch CareGivers®, our mission is to deliver exceptional and compassionate care to your loved one and help ease your everyday stresses.
  • Photo of Jody V Namoca
    Jody V Namoca Owner
    Photo of Jody V Namoca
    Jody V Namoca Owner

    Nice to meet you! I’m Jody Namoca, owner of Homewatch CareGivers of South Aurora serving South Aurora and Parker, Colorado. I’ve worked in the healthcare industry within pharmaceutical, medical device, surgical device and National Durable Medical Equipment as a Sales Manager, Territory Manager and Consultant while also providing patient care. My most recent endeavor was working for a National Durable Medical Equipment provider as their Lymphedema, Wound Care and Venous Disease compression specialist also providing Mastectomy care.

    One thing that I noticed in healthcare was that there is room for improvement in patient care. What I bring to helping my clients is integrity, respect, and an interest in their overall well-being. In addition, I’m proud to do this backed by an industry-leading company with nearly four decades of experience, that is locally owned.

    I’ve worked with many elderly people who clearly benefitted with additional compassion, not simply medical intervention! As I found myself searching for this additional support for people I’d grown to care for, I learned about the benefits of in-home care. Just seeing the loneliness be alleviated with quality home care intervention in these people was inspiring! There is definitely a correlation of getting better in health to companionship, better personal care and basic needs.

    I value my Faith, Family and Friends more than anything in the world so I know how precious they are to you!

    Give me a call today at 303-800-0206 to learn more about my team and I can be of service to you and your loved ones.

  • Photo of Jordan Neuerburg
    Jordan Neuerburg Acting Administrator
    Photo of Jordan Neuerburg
    Jordan Neuerburg Acting Administrator

    Jordan brings 11 years of healthcare experience in Nursing Homes, Group Homes, and Home Care.

    In her youth, Jordan was praised by her grandmother for her caring and compassionate nature towards others. Her grandmother suggested that she should pursue a career in healthcare, to which she did, starting out as a CNA. Over the years, Jordan has cared for patients with Dementia, Alzheimer's, developmental disabilities, mental health disabilities, critical illnesses, and drug and alcohol addiction.

    Throughout her career, Jordan made an impact in many of her patient's lives, wanting to provide the best care to those who she had the pleasure of working with. Jordan took her career to the next step when she graduated in 2020 with a BS in Human Resource Management. From there, Jordan transitioned to the management side of healthcare, while still making a grand impact on the treatment and care of patients that she oversaw. Jordan's passion and caring nature has never waned, as she still looks forward to her career each and every day with a wonderful smile on her face.

    In her spare time, Jordan enjoys playing the acoustic guitar, singing songs with her friends, and capturing precious moments through the magic of photography.

  • Photo of Kendall Heinold
    Kendall Heinold Caregiver (CG)
    Photo of Kendall Heinold
    Kendall Heinold Caregiver (CG)

    Hello, my name is Kendall! I graduated college in 2018 and I have a bachelor degree from Texas Tech University with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies and a minor in Health Professions. Being a caretaker has been a huge part of my entire life. I am the oldest of 6, with my youngest brother being 9 years old and ever since I was young I've helped my siblings and grandparents with daily activities.  In addition to being a Caregiver, I am a nanny for two young children and thoroughly enjoy all my work! In my previous job experience, I was a CNA in a nursing home where I assisted, interacted and cared for geriatric clients through many years. The majority of my CNA career I worked in the Alzheimer’s/dementia unit.  I enjoyed every minute of it because I was helping others which is my passion.  As a nurses aide, I've gained a ton of experience and knowledge that I know has helped me prepare for work as a caregiver.

    I value my family and friends and always helping others.  The love of my life is my dog Bentley, a smart Pomchi, who knows circus tricks and has the key to my heart.  I love the great outdoors, working out and learning new things.  I promise to take the best care of your loved ones as if they were mine so lets start this journey together.

  • Photo of Catherine Carson
    Catherine Carson Caregiver and Office Assistant
    Photo of Catherine Carson
    Catherine Carson Caregiver and Office Assistant

    Hello, my name is Catherine. I have 16 years in the medical field starting out as a CNA. I have worked in hospitals, nursing homes, independent living homes and with clients in their homes throughout the years. As a caregiver, I fell in love with the stories from my clients reminiscing about their past. What they grew up doing, what they watched on tv,  their favorite movies and what they did for a career. Still to this day, their stories excite me and help me dream of what life was like back then.  

    I love to bake and specialize in cakes and cupcakes. I enjoy cooking, singing and dancing. I have 3 amazing boys and a dog that I love more than anything. I would like to make memories and recipes with you and your family and can't wait to work with you.