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  • Aging With Grace

    During my 20’s, I believed anyone who was in their 60’s was old. Today, I am 64 years old and … let me tell you … my perspective has changed.

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  • Hurricane preparedness

    We at Homewatch CareGivers have started our emergency preparedness planning in time for hurricane season. We’re encouraging families to discuss and develop their own emergency plan at home.

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  • Sleep and Aging: Factors Contributing To Disrupted Sleep

    The effect of sleep on health is gradual. Over time, not getting proper sleep can become very unhealthy. Read more today!

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  • On Depression and the Older Adult

    Mental health is an umbrella term that includes a variety of conditions and disorders affecting millions of people across the United States. Depression is a condition that is often experienced along with other medical and psychological conditions.

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  • Fun at home activities for the elderly

    There are many benefits to staying active, and there are several ways in which to do this (even when advised to stay home).

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  • Anxiety Support at This Time

    We’ve been thinking about anxiety and how maybe others are feeling anxious in these unprecedented times. There are many unknowns and that alone can be stressful.

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