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Our Team

  • Photo of Ashley Hill
    Ashley Hill Owner
    Photo of Ashley Hill
    Ashley Hill Owner

    Ashley Hill, co-owner and managing director of the Westlake, Ohio Homewatch CareGivers' office, can relate to man of the families she works with. Her own family has been touched by Alzheimer's disease.

    “Spending time with our clients and learning about their life experiences while witnessing firsthand the impact we can have on our clients by simply listening to them and enjoying their companionship makes me glad I do what I do,” Ashley explains.

    Ashley oversees day-to-day operations of both the Westlake and Beachwood Homewatch locations. “I am committed to ensuring the peace of mind of our clients’ loved ones while also supporting our clients’ independence,” she says.

  • Photo of Eric Malkin
    Eric Malkin Owner
    Photo of Eric Malkin
    Eric Malkin Owner

    Eric Malkin, owner of Homewatch CareGivers serving Beachwood, Ohio learned about the need for home care after a family experience. Hisdear aunt was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2006.

    Eric, who co-owns this business with his wife Rosey Malkin, RN, takes his work with his clients seriously and has been trained in CPR and First Aid.

    Because he had family caregiving experience, Eric, who has an MBA and is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), treats every client and their family like he would his own loved ones. “I am ultimately responsible for every caregiver that comes into your home and for the care that is delivered to each of our families,” he says. “I do my best to personally meet with each of our clients and work with our nurse to understand our clients’ needs and how we can be of help.”

    This northeastern Ohio native embraces golf in summer, “survives” winters by playing tennis and racquetball (“Though I wouldn’t miss the winters, I love this city and marvel at all that is has to offer,” Eric adds), and passionately cheers on Cleveland teams.

  • Image placeholder for Stephanie Baker.
    Stephanie Baker Client Care Manager
    Image placeholder for Stephanie Baker.
    Stephanie Baker Client Care Manager

    Stephanie started as a caregiver with Homewatch in September of 2016. Her strong work ethic, reliability, and stellar communication skills made her a top candidate for our Client Care Manager role.

    Daily, Stephanie works with our clients to ensure they receive the best care possible. She also leads our recruiting and on-boarding process including interviewing and orientation of new caregivers.

    A family history of Dementia, Stephanie has experience first-handed what many of our clients' daughter's are facing. Her ability to empathize and problem solve is superb. She is an all-star employee.