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Windsor Enfield, Manchester, East Hartford and Surrounding Areas.

When the time comes to explore short and/or long-term care options for yourself, or an elderly or disabled family member, it can be difficult to navigate through all of the features and costs available. That’s one of the reasons why we provide a free, no obligation consultation, to get to know you better and give an opportunity to further investigate a variety of choices.

The cost of home care varies significantly depending upon the level of services, hours of coverage, where you are located and whether care is provided inside or outside the home. Usually, home care costs are more affordable. Hourly costs go down as the number of hours increases, and fees go up when more skill is needed or desired.

Before beginning to weigh costs vs. level of care, think about these questions:

  • Are you looking for care to augment the hours that you spend caregiving in the home?

  • Is clinical medical care needed, or are you looking for assistance with personal care and activities of daily living. Do you need both?

  • Do you prefer to stay at home, or seek care from an Assistant Living Facility or Nursing Home?

  • What can you afford and what is possible given your own needs in terms of work and family life?

  • Will the level of care increase or decrease over time?

Homewatch Caregivers of Windsor and metro Hartford can act as sole care provider in the home, can give assistance alongside a Home Health Care agency or complement hours spent at an Adult Day Care center. We very often wrap around medical or Assisted Living services, after a client is discharged from the hospital. Our caregivers provide essential care and assistance at these times, to avoid re-hospitalization and recurrence of symptoms.

Call us today to assess your options and get additional information.