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  • Keeping Your Senior's Joints Healthy
    Homewatch CareGivers

    It’s no secret that, as we age, our joints start to feel a little worse for wear. From general use to arthritis, the causes behind joint problems are numerous. And while the degree to which seniors’ joints ache varies depending on the person, there’s one ...

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  • Caring for a Loved One with Dementia

    Dementia is a degenerative disease that affects not only a person's mind but their physical body as well. If your loved one is diagnosed with this illness, you will need to make changes in how they are taken care of in order to ensure they maintain good ...

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  • 3 Tips for Heart Health
    Heart Health

    Heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death among the elderly. It can also have a profound effect on brain health, especially since strokes are a common cause of brain damage and dementia in elderly patients. The good news is that those who ...

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