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Client & Caregiver Reviews

  • “I have had caregivers from Home Watch for the past 2 years The caregiver,especially Janice Rouise worked with me after I got out of the hospital. Worked with me to get back to walking by giving me exercises to do, strengthening my legs by having me walk around the block every day. She has patience and knowledge and skills to enable me to recover and get my life back. By cooking health and working with me to make good choices of foods and eating out healthy which resulted me losing 65 pounds. My hands were not working properly and I could not write or go back to painting class. She constructed a plan of therapy that included using large utensils. having me write in a book with blank pages that she bought me numbers, phrases, my name and various sentences. It was hard work but under her guidance and patience and skills after awhile I was able to use regular utensils and write my checks and numbers and my name. She helped me learn how to dress myself and finally take a shower while sitting on a chair in the tub. She stayed in the bathroom to make sure I was safe. So you see Homewatch provided me an excellent caregiver after assessing my needs. Never had a problem with Janice being late or not showing up. She drove me to appointments and stayed with me until I was through and drove me home. I depended on her and she came through. I had a good amount of contact with the office with certain questions and letting them know about my great caregiver. They would check with me to see how I was doing and would visit me to see my progress and answer any questions. They are friendly and efficient and professional and always assisted me when I had made certain requests and fully answered my questions. I have had a very positive experience with this company and caregiver and have recommended them to persons needing a caregiver. They are an excellent company. caring and efficient and knowledgable and professional. They know how to assess a person's needs and provide them the necessary services and caregiver”
    - Carol Miller
  • “If your company equals the quality of your caregivers, then you are doing just fine. Angela anticipates my mother's needs and follow through all the time, informing me of her actions. My mother is very content with her care! Keep up whatever you are doing!”
    - P Dito
  • “A completely satisfactory relationship. Maria worked hard and worked smart. Very conscientious, 100% integrity, handles herself very well in one emergency situation. Glad to speak favorably about Maria and your organization if desired.”
    - H Parker