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    • An elderly woman sits in a rocking chair and gazes longingly out a window.
      How a Caregiver Can Curb Feelings of Loneliness

      A personal caregiver can help support the emotional health of older adults and combat loneliness in their lives.

    • The image depicts a young man sitting in a wheelchair, preparing to stand up.
      How a Caregiver Can Help Someone Living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

      Spinal muscular atrophy is a complex condition that affects everyone differently. Find out how a caregiver can help.

    • A female caregiver smiles and laughs with the elderly woman in her care.
      Living with Laughter: The Role of Joy in Caregiving

      Caregivers can play a crucial role in spreading joy to those in their care. Here are four ideas to assist you in bringing happiness to a senior.

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    • Now is the Time for Estate Planning
    • Medicare, Medicaid and Home Care
    • An elderly man looks at his credit card while talking on the phone.
      The Most Popular Scams Targeting the Elderly (and Prevention Tips)

      Although people of any age can be taken advantage of by thieves and scammers, research shows that people over the age of 60 are among the most vulnerable; people over 80 are at even higher risk for financial exploitation, according to Consumer Affairs.

    • Two women in winter hats take a selfie together.
      Winter Wellbeing

      What’s your plan for keeping yourself and those you care for healthy in the winter? Our new video has tips for keeping seniors and others safe and well during the cold weather.

    • A heart shape shows drawings of people engaged in physical activities good for the heart.
      Heart Health and Caregiving

      Many people who need in-home care services are living with heart failure and need caregiving tailored to their specific needs.

    • Before and After Surgery Care
      Before After Surgery Care
    • National Developmental Disabilities Month - How Caregivers Can Help

      This month provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate individuals living with developmental disabilities.

    • Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Seniors

      Contrary to popular belief, there are many easy ways to help keep seniors active in the kitchen. Here are some guidelines on helping your senior loved ones easily make a variety of foods.

    • A home care caregivers holds medications for an elderly female client.
      Home Care and Nursing Services

      Typically, home care services do not include any medical care and even if there is a nurse as part of the available services, this person may refer a client to other healthcare partners for appropriate care.

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    • A young woman holds her hands against her head in frustration.
      National Stress Awareness Month: Ways to Support Caregivers

      Looking for ways to reduce your stress as a caregiver? We've got several tips to help!

    • A young woman places her arm around her elderly mother who appears to be in distress.
      Causes of Negative Thinking: How to Help Your Elder Loved One

      The physical and mental challenges that come with aging can intensify the likelihood of negative thoughts. Here are four ways to help you cope with elderly negative thinking.

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