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Fall Activities for Seniors

The leaves are changing colors, days are getting shorter, beautiful, cool weather is on the way, and fall has officially arrived! After a long summer, it’s time to enjoy fall with your senior loved ones. Here are five fun activities for you to take advantage of this fall season.

1. Go Apple Picking. Fall is an excellent time to pick fresh apples and other seasonal fruit. There are many places you can go to find fresh fall fruit. You can visit a farmers’ market or take a trip to your local farm or orchard. Once you’ve picked your fruit, you can bake apple cinnamon cupcakes, try your hand at homemade apple cider, or make a classic fall favorite, apple pie!

2. Decorate. You can make orange, yellow and red leaf garlands to bring the beautiful colors of autumn into your home. Or try creating a fall collage to hang on the wall. You can help your loved one cut out their favorite images from papers or fall magazines. They can be images of animals or trees, or you can even use photos of family members. Once the collage is complete, you can display it on a corkboard for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, you can fill the house with fall-scented potpourri or pumpkins to brighten your loved one’s day and spread some festive cheer. You can display the pumpkins as is or paint them with your loved one – if you go this route, encourage them to try painting different designs and see how creative you both can be!

3. Enjoy the Fall Colors. It’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can pack a healthy lunch and spend the afternoon at the park. The senior in your life will likely love having some time in the fresh air and sunshine. If it is already chilly where you live, make sure your loved one brings a scarf or a hat to help stay warm. Stroll through the park at whatever pace is comfortable for your loved one and enjoy looking at trees and birds.

3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch. Visiting a local pumpkin patch is fun for people of all ages. If the farms near you are hosting large fall festivals but your loved one doesn’t want to be around crowds, try going on a weekday or to a smaller place (maybe one without a fancy corn maze, for example). That way you can just enjoy being outside and selecting a pumpkin or gourd to bring home. This can be the perfect opportunity to reflect on memories together too as you stroll and chat.

4. Try Fall-Themed Activities at Home. Not everyone is up for a grand day out so consider doing something indoors like putting together a puzzle with a traditional fall scene in the picture. You can also create nature crafts, such as rubbing fall leaves with crayons or chalk, or pressing colorful leaves between canvas panels to make wall art. Remember to take pictures of your experiences to share with other family members or to look back on fondly together when the season changes again.

5. Make Popcorn Balls. Make a nostalgic treat with your loved one. Popcorn balls are an old-fashioned holiday treat that is easy to make and perfect for fall. You can use syrup, molasses, or marshmallows to hold the balls together. Try dying them Halloween-themed colors to make them even more festive and fun! You can decorate them with M&Ms, sprinkles or whatever your heart desires.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, be sure to do something special and create lasting memories with your loved one this fall season.

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