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Homewatch CareGivers’ Nomination to National Quality Forum Workgroup Demonstrates Rising Importance of Home and Community Based Care

Aug. 4, 2015 (Denver, CO)—Homewatch CareGivers International (www.homewatchcaregivers.com), the premier provider of home care services for the elderly and people of all ages, is proud to become a voting member of the National Quality Forum (www.qualityforum.org). The National Quality Forum (NQF) is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality. The NQF acts, under legislative authority, as an advisory committee for federal government and private sector entities.

Homewatch CareGivers’ membership in the NQF allows the organization to identify opportunities for the home care industry to educate and contribute to national efforts to improve health care. Homewatch CareGivers is the first home care company of its kind to become a member of the NQF, providing a voice for the industry.

Dr. Jette Hogenmiller, Executive Director of Quality & Outcomes at Homewatch CareGivers International, will serve as a voting member on the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) Dual Eligible Beneficiaries Workgroup. MAP is described as “a multi-stakeholder partnership that guides the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on the selection of performance measures for federal health programs.” Noting that in 2010 Congress recognized the “benefit of an approach that encourages consensus building among diverse private- and public-sector stakeholders,” the NQF stated that this partnership provides a coordinated look at performance measures under consideration.

“By becoming a voting member of this workgroup, we have an opportunity to inform how quality home care services positively impact health care outcomes,” Dr. Hogenmiller said. 

Other voting members in this workgroup include the AARP Public Policy Institute, the American Geriatrics Society, the AMDA –The Society for Post-Acute and Long-term Care Medicine, and many others.

“Home care is not just ‘sitter services’ but plays an important role in reducing medical costs and hospital readmissions,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers International.

About Homewatch CareGivers
Founded in 1980, Homewatch CareGivers has more than 200 franchise locations in six countries. These independently owned businesses provide care services to elders and others who need assistance with daily activities. Our own Homewatch CareGivers University educates caregivers on the specialized care needs of their clients and creates a higher quality care environment.


Homewatch CareGivers Partners with Wish of a Lifetime to Fulfill Seniors’ Wishes

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., June 10, 2014 — Homewatch CareGivers International, a provider of personalized home care services for people of all ages, has signed a 2014 partnership agreement with Wish of a Lifetime™ to fulfill Wishes for seniors in communities across the United States.

“It is clear that Homewatch CareGivers embraces the Wish of a Lifetime mission to foster respect and appreciation for seniors by granting life enriching Wishes,” said CEO of Wish of a Lifetime, Jillaina Wachendorf. “We are excited that Homewatch CareGivers locations will be able to further expand our mission by granting even more Wishes to deserving seniors.”

Jeremy Bloom, founder of Wish of a Lifetime, was a featured speaker at the Homewatch CareGivers 11th Annual Franchise Owner Conference in May 2014. Bloom founded Wish a Lifetime in 2008 in living honor of his grandmother. He is also known for his success as an Olympic skier, World Cup gold medalist, NFL player and entrepreneur.

“Our franchise owners are already aware of the 10.5 million seniors living alone who are often dealing with loneliness, boredom and helplessness.” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers International.  “So it makes sense for us to partner with an organization dedicated to elevating our elders and improving their quality of life. We are committed to discovering and granting even more seniors’ Wishes in communities where our franchisees operate.”

The partnership combines synergistic organizational missions and will continue through 2014, with the expectation of a renewed agreement in 2015 and beyond.

About Wish of a Lifetime
Wish of a Lifetime™ fosters respect and appreciation for deserving seniors by fulfilling their life-enriching Wishes. Founded by two-time Olympic skier, World Cup gold medalist, entrepreneur, and former NFL football player Jeremy Bloom in 2008 in living honor of his grandmother, Wish of a Lifetime encourages the public to take an active role in granting Wishes through its Wish Connect program. Wish of a Lifetime has made more than 830 Wishes come true for seniors in 50 states and the District of Columbia. 93 percent of wish recipients stated they felt their quality of life improved after having their wish granted and 76 percent said they felt their overall health improved after experiencing a Wish. Learn more about #WishConnect, our volunteer program to help fulfill a senior’s Wish or visit www.seniorwish.org.


Homewatch CareGivers Recognized With a 2014 Case In Point Platinum Honorable Mention for Discharge Planning Program

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., May 8, 2014 –– Homewatch CareGivers, a premier international provider of full-service home care, received honorable mention at the 2014 Case in Point Platinum Awards in the Case Management in Acute Settings category for its Partners in Care program.

The Case in Point Platinum Awards recognize the most successful and innovative case management programs that improve access to quality care, promote wellness and advance care coordination across the care continuum.
Partners in Care, offered by Homewatch CareGivers, is designed to measure quality care outcomes while also reducing healthcare costs and hospital admissions. Managing the care of those living with chronic conditions takes not only acute care providers but critically requires participation from family caregivers and support services. Caregiver agencies like Homewatch CareGivers whose staff can support medication regimens, dietary and exercise plans, safety/fall prevention and keep acute care providers aware of red flags, can make a significant impact. A person-centered approach to home care helps to eliminate boredom, loneliness and helplessness in the elderly population.

“At Homewatch CareGivers we recognize that the individual in need of care, or those closest to them, should be empowered to have a say in all aspects of their care,” said Jennifer Tucker, Vice President of Homewatch CareGivers International. “In this way, everyone in the healthcare continuum is a partner in their care.”

Homewatch CareGivers International partners with The Eden Alternative® to bring person-directed care to caregivers across the country


The partnership announces the launch of first blended-learning Certified Eden at Home Associate Training for home care industry

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., April 23, 2014 —Homewatch CareGivers International and The Eden Alternative are announcing the launch of a co-developed online version of The Eden Alternative’s Certified Eden at Home Associate Training.

The goal of this interactive e-learning platform is to improve the quality of life for thousands of older adults and caregivers. Specifically designed for the home care industry, this customized training will be offered exclusively to Homewatch CareGivers until the end of 2014.

Based on the ten-principle philosophy of The Eden Alternative, Eden at Home promotes person-directed care for unique needs, strengths and desires of each elder living at home. Eden at Home also promotes collaboration and communication among all care partners, including the elder, to improve the caregiving — and care receiving — experience for everyone involved.

“Even someone’s home can feel like an institution,” said Eden Alternative Co-Founder and geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas. “Person-directed care changes this by putting the individual first. By focusing on the relationship before the task, we can begin to eliminate loneliness, helplessness and boredom for everyone involved in the care partnership.”

The enriching care provided by Homewatch CareGivers will go beyond addressing the immediate needs of elder clients as caregivers learn strategies to support the continued growth and development of the elders in their care.

“From the time it was founded, more than 34 years ago, Homewatch CareGivers has been focused on promoting independence, dignity and choice for elders and their families,” said Homewatch CareGivers International President Leann Reynolds. “Not only will this partnership offer industry-leading training and tools to our employees, it will also help family caregivers reengage with their loved ones.”

The Eden Alternative Philosophy has its roots in successfully improving quality of care for nursing home residents and their families, transforming the top-down institutional care model. Now the needs of those living at home can also experience this approach to care as The Eden Alternative has expanded its reach across the full continuum of care. Homewatch CareGivers is the first home care company to roll out a focused company-wide strategy to bring these proven principles and practices to elders living at home.

“The Eden Alternative selected Homewatch CareGivers as a partner because we have aligned values. This partnership offers us an opportunity to improve quality of life for more families with elders receiving care at home,” said Eden Alternative CEO Chris Perna. “With more than 80 percent of care services now being provided in the home, there is a growing need for support from well-trained professionals. Our partnership will help meet this need.”

Certified Eden at Home Associate Training Online consists of 11 interactive webinars that teach the Eden Alternative Ten Principles. The blended-learning format will allow a greater number of professional caregivers to become Certified Eden at Home Associates, enriching the lives of elders and their families.

About The Eden Alternative

A leader in changing the culture of care for the past 20 years, The Eden Alternative is an international, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that provides education and consultation for organizations across the entire continuum of care.  As a person-directed care philosophy, it is dedicated to creating care environments that promote quality of life for Elders and those who support them as care partners. Research has shown this leads to improved quality of care and higher rates of satisfaction for everyone involved. For more information, go to www.edenalt.org.


Homewatch CareGivers creates guide to prevent falls among those living with dementia

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Sept. 18, 2013 — Homewatch CareGivers, an international home care company known for its in-home safety and dementia care expertise, is taking action to limit the risk of falls among seniors.

One in three adults over the age of 65 falls every year, and falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for seniors. Additionally, older adults living with a form of dementia are up to 60 percent more likely to experience a fall. This raises their risk of sustaining an injury, which can lead to hospitalizations and/or immobility.

To help limit these risks, Homewatch CareGivers assembled 10 Tips for Preventing Dementia-Related Falls. We wanted to do this ahead of World Alzheimer’s Action Day (Sept. 21 ) and National Falls Prevention Awareness Day (Sept. 22 ) while more attention is focused on this issue. The guide provides helpful tips to offer guidance to the thousands of American caregivers assisting loved ones living with dementia.

“Falls are a major, yet preventable, threat to the independence and health of older adults, especially those living with dementia,” said Jennifer Tucker, vice president at Homewatch CareGivers. “Armed with these falls prevention tips, family members can reduce the risk of falls and make a huge difference in the life of their loved one.”

Seniors are five times more likely to be hospitalized from a fall than from any other cause. Knowing signs, symptoms and prevention strategies can help avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

“Falls among the elderly can be caused by a variety of risk factors, such as physical weakness, gait and balance deficit, medication side effects and unsafe home environments,” added Dr. Jette Hogenmiller, executive director of quality and outcomes at Homewatch CareGivers. “People with dementia are at an especially high risk of falling due to memory loss, poor judgment and visual misperception, which are often associated with the condition.”

Drawing from our more than three decades of experience, Homewatch CareGivers assembled the following tips for caregivers:

Clear walking paths inside the home. Those living with dementia can have a hard time recognizing the danger of a loose rug, unsteady footstool or electrical cords stretched across the floor. Removing tripping hazards and keeping pathways clear can help prevent falls.

Arrange for adequate lighting. Dementia can damage the visual system and cause illusions and misperceptions. Make sure the home has enough lighting in each room to reduce visual difficulties. People with dementia might misinterpret what they see, so reducing dark areas and shadows is vital.

Provide visual cues. People with dementia can have difficulty separating similar colors (such as the same carpet on the stairs and on the floor) and setting objects and their background apart. It is helpful to define the top and bottom of a staircase through the use of contrasting colors.

Consider unmet needs. A person living with dementia may start to wander as their condition progresses. This may lead them into unsafe areas. Wandering often signifies an unmet need a senior is trying to satisfy. For example, they may be looking for a telephone because they usually called their wife at 5 p.m. Instead of trying to physically stop the wandering, try distracting or redirecting their activity to avoid raising a person’s anxiety or frustration level.

Keep important things by the bed. A major issue for people living with dementia is confusion at night. Restless nights can leave them tired and unsteady. To help prevent wandering at night, keep important items on a bedside table, including water, a light source, eyeglasses, tissues and the telephone.

For the complete list, please visit http://www.homewatchcaregivers.com/dementia-care-tips/preventing-dementia-related-falls.aspx


10th Annual Homewatch CareGivers Conference: Preparing for Change

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., May 13, 2013 — Homewatch CareGivers recently held its 10th Annual Franchise Partner Conference in Denver. Guided by the theme Foundations for Growth, the Homewatch CareGivers network focused on capitalizing on the opportunities offered by health care reform and playing a significant role in care transitions. 

This strategic outlook included the participation and involvement of leadership from Gentiva Home Health & Hospice, including a keynote address by Gentiva Vice President Dean Johnson. Both Homewatch CareGivers and Gentiva look forward to working together to help people avoid gaps in care, plugging in caregivers to provide continuous care to complement Gentiva’s skilled and intermittent care where appropriate. Gentiva leadership also played a large role in a day-long workshop that began the conference. 

Furthermore, Elizabeth Zink-Pearson, an industry expert, talked about widespread possibilities stemming from the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); Health and labor law attorney John Gilliland also discussed potential changes to the companionship exemption and new health care exchanges; and Homewatch CareGivers’ new Executive Director of Quality & Outcomes, Jette R Hogenmiller, PHD, MN, APRN, spoke about the necessity of private duty agencies delivering on health care outcomes. 

Branching out from the main focus on health care reform, Franchise Partners also benefited from a keynote address and one-on-one guidance from Mel Kleiman, an internationally recognized authority on how to recruit and hire top-level employees, and Chanda Crutcher, a geriatric care manager with 20 years of experience, who focused on the unique services elder care managers deliver to their clients. 

Franchise Partners also met with several business partners during a general expo. These businesses provide:
  • Employee supplemental insurance options
  • Back-up care
  • Employee background checks
  • Professional designation in education specific to seniors
  • Business insurance
  • Home health and hospice
  • Quality management programs
  • Nonprofit national representation for private duty home care

The 10th Annual Conference was a landmark step forward in strategic outlook for the entire Homewatch CareGivers network. Excitement is already building for the 2014 conference. 


Homewatch CareGivers Selected as Finalist for 2013 Colorado Companies to Watch Award

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., April 10, 2013 — Colorado Companies to Watch selected Homewatch CareGivers International, a premier franchisor of full-service home care, as a finalist for its 2013 awards. This annual competition recognizes high-performance and innovative companies based out of Colorado.

Colorado Companies to Watch will announce its 2013 winners on June 28 at the Marriott City Center in downtown Denver.

During the past four years, Homewatch CareGivers’ franchise network has by 30 percent. Additionally, company revenue increased by 24 percent from 2011 to 2012. 

“As we have for more than 32 years, Homewatch CareGivers continues to maintain a strong presence in Colorado while we expand our franchising network throughout North America,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “We remain committed to enriching our local communities by providing the highest level of home care to all ages of the population and creating meaningful jobs.” 

Homewatch CareGivers is known for its specialized dementia care program, Pathways to Memory™, and its chronic condition care services. In addition, Homewatch CareGivers University, a professionally-developed and accredited educational platform, sets the industry standard for consistent and quality caregiver training. 

About Homewatch CareGivers
Homewatch CareGivers International’s franchise locations provide home care and personal assistance to individuals who are aging, disabled and rehabilitating, allowing them to remain at home. Since its founding in 1980, the company’s expansion now includes more than 210 franchised locations in six countries — while remaining steadfast to its heritage of home care. Each location provides specialty care to those living with chronic illnesses, which helps clients to age in place. In addition, the company offers the Pathways to Memory™ program, which provides specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Through training and ongoing support, each Homewatch CareGivers franchisee is equipped to deliver the exceptional care and proprietary programs that provide peace of mind to clients and their loved ones. For more information, please visit www.homewatchcaregivers.com

About Colorado Companies to Watch
Colorado Companies to Watch, presented by CapitalValue Advisors, energizes the state of Colorado by recognizing second-stage companies that are developing valuable products and services, creating quality jobs, enriching communities, and creating new industries throughout the state.

Homewatch CareGivers Wins 2013 Case In Point Platinum Awards For Best Long Term Care Program

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., May 9, 2013 — Homewatch CareGivers, a premier international provider of home care services for the elderly and people of all ages, won a 2013 Case in Point Platinum Award in the Best Long Term Care category for its Male Family Caregiver Program. 

The Case in Point Platinum Awards salute the most successful and innovative case management programs that improve public access to quality care, promote wellness, and advance care coordination across the care continuum.

“Winning the Case in Point Platinum Award is an important step in raising the profile and amount of appreciation for male family caregivers amongst health care providers, policymakers and the general public,” Homewatch CareGivers International President Leann Reynolds said. “Homewatch CareGivers maintains a commitment to the education and support of husbands, sons and grandsons to assist them in providing the best possible care for their loved ones.” 

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, up to 45 percent of family caregivers are men. Despite the rising number of male caregivers, many organizations in the care community do not serve their needs nor recognize their contributions. 

In response to this growing population, Homewatch CareGivers created its Male Family Caregiver Program. The goal is to break down stereotypical perceptions of caregiving and help fight the social isolation many men feel while in the role of a family caregiver. This educational initiative offers male caregivers resources and tools to help them succeed in delivering vital care to their aging parents, ailing spouses, or other family members who need assistance. 

The program includes the Male Caregiver Community, an online forum that gives men a place to engage with others to discuss challenges they endure while providing care. It also allows them to access practical information and benefit from advice they receive from peers and experts in a comfortable environment. The forum is free of charge and participants can use it at any time. 

About Homewatch CareGivers
Founded in 1980, Homewatch CareGivers now spans more than 210 franchise locations in six countries that provide caregiver services to aging, disabled or rehabilitating individuals. The Homewatch CareGivers University educates caregivers on the specialized care needs of their clients and creates a higher quality care environment. Homewatch CareGivers also offers professionally developed programs such as Pathways to Memory™, for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and Chronic Condition Care, a service specifically tailored to the needs of those living with long-lasting ailments. For more information, please visit www.homewatchcaregivers.com


Franchise Business Review Recognizes Homewatch CareGivers as Top Franchise Company
Greenwood Village, Colo. — February 21, 2013 – Homewatch CareGivers International, a provider of full-service home care since 1980, received a major honor when Franchise Business Review’s 2013 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards ranked the company 3rd in the Senior Care category and 12th in its size segment (100-249 locations).

Each year, the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards, or the FBR 50 Awards, rank top franchise companies with the highest overall franchisee satisfaction. This year, Franchise Business Review surveyed 26,000 franchisees, and recognized a total of 200 franchise brands (50 in each size category).

Franchise Business Review (FBR) ranked Homewatch CareGivers 34th overall among the 200 companies. This achievement puts Homewatch CareGivers in the top 20 percent of all franchise brands on the market. The FBR judges companies on core values, training and support, leadership, financial opportunity and franchise community. 

“Homewatch CareGivers provides a powerful network of support to our franchisees, assuring their successful launch and strong business growth for years to come,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “The fact that Homewatch CareGivers continues to rank in Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 is a true validation of our system and our franchisees’ satisfaction.” 

“These franchisors truly understand the importance of surveying their operators,” said Michelle Rowan, president of Franchise Business Review. “Not all brands survey their franchisees, but those who do offer a wealth of information on a franchise’s leadership, training and support, franchise model, and financial outlook.” 

FBR 50 is the only award program to rank companies based solely on the satisfaction of their franchisees, as determined by survey. The survey includes 37 questions relating to the franchisee’s experience and satisfaction, as well as to market area, business lifestyle, and other demographic characteristics. 

About Franchise Business Review

Franchise Business Review is a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences. The firm’s services include commissioned franchise research projects, as well as industry-wide studies of franchisee satisfaction.


Homewatch CareGivers Named as Finalist for 2013 Case In Point Platinum Awards For Best Long Term Care Program

Greenwood Village, Colo. — January 26, 2013 – Homewatch CareGivers, a leading international provider of full-service home care, has been selected as a finalist for the 4th annual Case In Point Platinum Awards. The company was chosen in the category of Best Long Term Care for its Male Family Caregiving Program.

The Case in Point Platinum Awards recognize the most successful and innovative care programs in the overarching continuum of care coordination. 

“Today, nearly half of all family caregivers are men, signaling a major demographic shift. However, current services and support groups for family caregivers still tend to be focused on the experiences of female caregivers,” said Homewatch CareGivers President Leann Reynolds. “Homewatch CareGivers took it upon itself to develop valuable resources and support systems for this underserved group of caregivers.” 

The Male Family Caregiver Program was created by Homewatch CareGivers to provide male caregivers with a set of tools that are specially tailored to their unique needs, allowing them to care for their aging parents, wives or children more effectively and with less stress. The initiative includes the first and onlyonline community for male caregivers, as well as resources for caregiving men. In addition, the company has also created a set of employee training resources to support the program’s implementation. 

“Homewatch CareGivers will continue raising awareness about the experiences, challenges and needs of male caregivers and supporting them in local communities,” added Ms. Reynolds. “We hope this program will become a blueprint for male-focused care services around the country.” 

The Case In Point Platinum Awards will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD, on May 7, 2013. 

Homewatch CareGivers Ranks 149th on 2012 List of Top U.S. Franchises

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – December 19, 2012 – For the fifth year in a row, Entrepreneur magazine selected Homewatch CareGivers International as one of the nation’s top franchise opportunities. Founded in 1980, Homewatch CareGivers is a provider of full-service home care. Entrepreneur’s 34th annual “Franchise-500” list ranks Homewatch CareGivers as 149th overall among U.S. franchises, which puts Homewatch CareGivers among the top 10 in the nation in the senior care category.

“The importance of what we do, of home care services for people of all ages, will only go up in the years to come as the U.S. population ages. Homewatch CareGivers gives people the opportunity to create a successful business in a sustainable market that keeps growing,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “As we have for more than 32 years, Homewatch CareGivers continues to provide exceptional, personalized care to clients. Our corporate support center provides tools and resources that franchisees need to be successful. That is why we have steadily increased our network of collaborative business leaders looking to build their own franchised senior care businesses since 2000.”

Entrepreneur compiles its “Franchise 500” list by examining financial and statistical data spanning a two-year time frame. The magazine judges companies on many factors: financial strength and stability, growth rate, size of system, startup costs, litigation history, and how long the company has expanded through franchising.

For more information on franchise ownership, visit www.homewatchcaregivers.com/franchise.

Homewatch CareGivers Launches First-Ever Program to Educate Male Family Caregivers

Husbands, sons, brothers now comprise nearly half of all U.S. caregivers Greenwood Village, Colo. — September 18, 2012 — Homewatch CareGivers, the premier provider of full-service home care, has announced the launch of the first nationwide program designed to meet the emotional, social and educational needs of men who provide care for their loved ones.

For the first time, sons, husbands and brothers — who will soon comprise half of all American family caregivers — will have access to educational resources, experts and communities that are specifically designed to help this population provide better care for loved ones at home.

“Over the past several years, our offices throughout the country have seen a tremendous growth in the number of men suddenly finding themselves in the position of caring for their elderly parents, wives and other family members,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “For the vast majority of these men, this is the first time they have had to face the many stresses and complexities of caring for a home-bound loved one.”

As part of the program’s launch, Homewatch CareGivers created the Male Caregiver Community, the first — and only — online resource geared specifically towards male family caregivers. The forum gives these caregivers an opportunity to meet other men in similar situations, seek advice, share their experiences and provide peer support. In addition, the program includes training for all of Homewatch CareGivers’ franchisees
and staff to address the special needs of male family caregivers. “Finding other men going through similar situations is critical to managing the emotional toll of caregiving,” said Reynolds. “Men have an especially tough time finding peer groups in which they can share their experiences as caregivers.”

Increases in geographic mobility, the rise in two-career households, economic recession, as well as changes in traditional family structures and gender roles are all contributing factors in the rise of men as primary family caregivers.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, male caregivers today comprise 45% of all family caregivers in the nation. Over the past 15 years, the number of men caring for those living with dementia has more than doubled, based on numbers provided by the Alzheimer’s Association.

“As a company whose mission is to provide care not only to seniors and those with disabilities, but also to their family caregivers, it’s critical we address the unique needs of husbands, sons and brothers who are performing this role,” said Reynolds. “Many of these men are taking on caregiving responsibilities for the first time in their lives, and as such are in tremendous need of information, emotional guidance and social support.”

In developing the program, Homewatch CareGivers home care professionals around the country discovered that men take different approaches to active caregiving than their female counterparts. For instance, men are likely to call for outside support the moment there’s a trigger event, such as a fall or hospital discharge. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to delay calling for professional care until they experience caregiver burnout. However, all caregivers found that a strong support system helped them make better decisions and manage their stress. Women have long had such social networks, while men often feel more socially isolated and don’t receive the same level of support from family members and community services.

For more information, please see the Homewatch CareGivers media kit.

Inc. Ranks Homewatch CareGivers Among Fastest-Growing Again in 2012

August 21, 2012—GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO.—Inc.com recently announced its annual Inc. 500/5000 list of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in the U.S. and Homewatch CareGivers International is on the list for the second year in a row.

Inc. magazine ranks private U.S. companies across industries. The magazine bases the rankings on percentage revenue growth over a three-year period. Inc. ranked the 2012 5000 based on the percentage revenue growth between 2008 and 2011. Collectively, the companies on the 2012 list created more than 400,000 jobs and had combined revenues of nearly $300 billion.


Homewatch CareGivers International ranked #4,671 overall, #352 in the health industry and #86 in Denver and was one of just a handful of home care companies selected. 


“It is an honor to be one of the few home care companies ranked on the 2012 list,” says Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers International.


“As we have for the past 32 years, Homewatch CareGivers continues to provide premier, personalized home care to people of all ages, while offering meaningful employment to people in local communities,” says Reynolds. “Our innovative business and marketing model drives the success of franchise owners across the country and abroad.”


As a point of pride, the companies on the 2012 list thrived during three tough economic years. This noted growth is a testimony to the creativity, resilience and tenacity of Homewatch CareGivers International and of all companies on the list.


Inc. is the only major business magazine focused exclusively for CEOs of fast-growing, private companies. For more information on Inc. and the Inc. 5000, visit www.inc.com.


Click here to view the full list.



For more information, please visit www.homewatchcaregivers.com.                    





Homewatch CareGivers Expands Services for Florida Seniors

June 22, 2012—GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO.—Homewatch CareGivers, the premier international provider of home-care services, recently signed a multi-unit franchise agreement to provide coverage in 17 additional territories in South Florida as part of our goal to support the state’s senior population. 

Growing our services in Florida is part of a broader corporate strategy to provide premium care to America’s elderly who need help in their homes. Florida has the nation’s second-largest population of senior citizens.

“Servicing the needs of seniors in rapidly-aging states like Florida is very important to Homewatch CareGivers,” Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers International, says. “As Florida’s population ages, it will face a number of challenges that will set the benchmark for many states to follow. We strongly believe that the type of care that our agencies provide will play a vital part in the community’s future.”

The agreement provides more access to specifically-tailored home-care solutions for thousands of people in Florida. This is especially true for seniors and those with disabilities who benefit from personal care and companionship. It’s expected the first Homewatch CareGivers offices will open in Miami-Dade County this fall.

As part of the expansion, Homewatch CareGivers awarded the 17 territories in the Miami area to Ricky and Sarit Warman. Latin America Master Franchisees Luis Diego Osborne and Gabriela Gonzales will work in partnership with Homewatch CareGivers International to support services in South Florida.

“For the past 32 years, Homewatch CareGivers has been a leader in personalized home care,” Luis Diego Osborne, president of Homewatch CareGivers Group, says. “As the only home-care company operating in multiple Latin American countries, we understand how to provide the best care possible for Latino seniors and will bring this knowledge to South Florida.”

Mr. Osborne and Ms. Gonzales pioneered the franchise home-care model in Latin America. Both come from extensive experience at the executive level for companies like Cisco Systems, Oracle and IBM, among others.

Ricky Warman and his wife Sarit are entrepreneurs with wide-ranging backgrounds in multi-unit franchise-based businesses in the Miami area. Mr. and Ms. Warman bring strong management experience and an extensive professional network to Homewatch CareGivers operations in South Florida.

By 2020, those older than age 60 will make up more than 28 percent of Florida’s population. More retirees go to Florida to live than any other single state. Homewatch CareGivers is looking to hire professional and passionate caregivers to cater to this growing aging demographic.


For more information, please visit www.homewatchcaregivers.com.       

Homewatch CareGivers Opens New International Office in Guatemala, Adding a Sixth Country to Its Global Network


February 1, 2010—GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO.—Homewatch CareGivers, the largest and most experienced international franchise provider of full-service home care, has opened its newest international location in Guatemala, the sixth country within the Homewatch CareGivers’ network, joining the 180 locations in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Panama.

“The caregiving issues facing families are universal. Guatemalans experience the same struggles and stresses confronting families worldwide,” said Homewatch CareGivers’ President Leann Reynolds. “Helping families by providing the highest quality home care services is our mission, and we’re delighted to expand our mission into Guatemala.”

The new office, located in Guatemala City and owned by Juan Carlos and Patricia Lavidalie, will offer Homewatch CareGivers’ hallmark home care services, personalized for each client and focused on services that allow a family and their loved one to have the comfort and security of home while receiving the supporting care they need. Caregiver services are carefully documented for each client in a customized care plan. Every care plan is administered by well-trained, compassionate caregivers who are dedicated to helping families with the care they need, such as 24-hour, around-the-clock care for a loved one who is dealing with a chronic illness, assisting an individual with the support needed at home to recover from a recent hospital stay or medical procedure, providing safe and convenient transportation to and from appointments, or stepping in to help with emergency childcare when the unexpected happens.

Currently, more than 14 million people reside in Guatemala, with 3.5 million in Guatemala City. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 5 percent of residents are facing health issues that require in-home care. 

“Opening a new office in Guatemala is another strategic milestone for Homewatch CareGivers,” added Reynolds. “In addition to our presence in the U.S., the new office in Guatemala, along with locations in Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Panama, is part of our global growth plan. This positions our company to serve the needs of the domestic populations, and also those clients who choose to have medical procedures overseas in destination countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, as part of the growing trend in medical tourism.”

New Study Reports Three Times More People Receiving Health Care Support at Home Rather Than in Nursing Homes or Assisted-Living Facilities


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – December 20, 2009 – American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (www.AALTCI.org) and Homewatch CareGivers, the largest, most experienced international provider of home care for people of all ages (www.HomewatchCareGivers.com), teamed up to conduct a study examining trends in long-term health care and the utilization of associated support services. Among the conclusions of the study is the dramatic growth of people receiving support care at home and the significantly greater percentage of those with long-term care insurance who are able to receive home-based care and stay in the their homes longer. 

According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, approximately 7.5 million individuals currently receive long-term care at home because of an acute illness, long-term health condition, a permanent disability, or terminal illness. That compares to only 1.5 million in nursing homes and 1.1 million in assisted-living facilities who receive similar care for the same types of conditions. That means nearly three times more people are receiving care at home rather than in a residential facility. 

"Most people incorrectly associate long-term health care with skilled nursing care in a facility when the vast majority of care takes place at home," explains Jesse Slome, Executive Director of the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. “It is clear that the people in today’s society prefer treatment for chronic conditions and issues related to aging in their own home rather than in a residential facility.” 

"When possible, home is almost always the preferred setting for people who require care," says Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “This is has been a clear and growing trend for more than a decade, as more and better home services have become available. The vast majority of people want to receive support care in their homes in order to maintain independence and quality of life for as long as possible.” 

One aspect of the study sought to compare individuals with long-term care insurance policies with those without insurance coverage. According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, 8.25 million individuals presently have coverage and more than 180,000 policyholders are currently receiving benefits. The study clearly indicated that individuals with long-term care insurance receive significantly more home care, and thus can stay in their homes longer. The difference between the insured and uninsured is significant: 70.6% of those covered received an average of between five and seven days of care each week, while only 35.1% of those without insurance received similar care as often. 

Possessing insurance to pay part or all of the cost of home care services enabled individuals to receive care at home for longer periods of time. The study found that 41.2% of those with insurance received care for longer than one year; compared to 29.7% of those without coverage. 

"The study confirms what we've long suspected, that a basic long-term care insurance plan costing less than $1,000 a year may provide sufficient coverage for those who want care at home and still have the ability to transition to more costly skilled facilities should the need arise," adds Slome. 

According to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit founded in 1968 that conducts research on social and economic issues to foster sound public policy, 21.3 percent of the frail older population receives paid home care services and it projects this will increase to 22.3 percent by 2030 and 25.5% by 2040. 

"It is vitally important for individuals to recognize the increased likelihood of needing care at some point in their lives, and to plan for that inevitability," concludes Reynolds. “Having sufficient financial resources or the protection of long-term care insurance are the prime factors for all of us who want to stay in our homes and receive care for as long as possible.”

Homewatch CareGivers Joins AARP’s National Employer Team to Help Fill Job Openings Across America

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – December 08, 2009 – Homewatch CareGivers, the largest, most experienced international provider of full-service home care, was selected by AARP to participate in its acclaimed National Employer Team (NET) program. With job openings across the US at many of its 100+ offices, Homewatch CareGivers will now have a profile on the NET program site on AARP.org to help identify qualified job seekers. 

“In addition to its well-known advocacy for the 50+ age group, AARP delivers a litany of valuable programs and services to its membership,” says Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “With the careful due diligence AARP conducts on potential NET members, it is an honor to be a part of the program and a tribute to the quality standards of our organization.” 

Homewatch CareGivers, now a member of the NET program developed by AARP to connect 50+ year-old job seekers with employers, recognizes the increasingly important role these experienced workers have in the workforce. Offices throughout the country continue to recruit qualified caregivers as well as marketing and support staff. The company offers full-service home care for people of all ages, including seniors, children, veterans, the chronically ill, and those recovering from medical procedures. 

“In a difficult economy, being able to add new employers to the team is a great benefit to our members who are looking for work. Our NET members also benefit from the experience mature workers bring,” says Ed Redfern, Jr., National Program Consultant for AARP. 

In addition to its selection by AARP for the NET program, Homewatch CareGivers is also certified by RetirementJobs.com as an Age-Friendly Employer. Many Homewatch CareGivers 100+ offices across the nation have current employment openings to fill. The AARP web address for this service is www.aarp.org/employerteam. Job seekers can also visit www.HomewatchCareGivers.com or contact a local Homewatch CareGivers’ office.

Homewatch CareGivers Announces National Winner of Family Caregiver of the Year Award
Laura Dover, of Charlotte, N.C., Takes Home $5,000 Prize 

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – October 27, 2009 – Homewatch CareGivers, the largest, most experienced international provider of full-service home care, announced today the national winner of the company’s Family Caregiver of the Year award. Laura Dover, age 52, of Charlotte, N.C., was selected by a distinguished panel from 12 finalists from around the country for her exceptional care of 29-year-old daughter, Ashley Dover, who was severely injured in a car accident almost nine years ago and who, to this day, requires round-the-clock care. 

As the winner of the Caregiver of the Year award, Laura Dover receives a $5,000 cash prize to go along with the scholarship to Homewatch CareGivers University. With her scholarship to Homewatch CareGivers University, Dover will have access to courses specific to her daughter’s needs, gaining an educational foundation to continue caring for Ashley. 

“Laura Dover is an inspiration and her story truly touched the hearts of our judges,” said Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers. “As a company dedicated to providing the highest quality home care and helping families who need support, we know how difficult full-time care is and how demanding it can be. Laura has dedicated her life to caring for her daughter. She embodies everything this award truly represents.” 

For Dover, 52, life changed dramatically the night Ashley was involved in the automobile accident, in late October of 2000. Her daughter had just turned 21 a few weeks earlier, and they had spent the day together getting ready for Halloween. She was not prepared to have her life, “turned upside down.” 

“You learn what is important in life,” said Dover. “What is important is family and learning to respect yourself and others. My family has become very close due to Ashley’s situation. I have also learned to be a much more patient person and a more spiritual person through this experience.” 

The accident had left Ashley with a traumatic brain injury, and totally unable to care for herself. She spent a year in rehabilitation. Not wanting to place her daughter in a facility, Dover brought her home, in the process giving up her career and replacing it with a full-time job caring for Ashley. Six years ago they moved into an apartment in Dover’s mother’s home, an environment where Dover felt she could finally provide total care for her daughter. 

Of her experience caring for Ashley since the accident, Dover says, “we have survived. I have learned from experience how to navigate the hospital system; and how to care for a tracheotomy and a feeding tube.” She hopes that her story can be encouragement for others facing difficult situations. 

"This award means everything to me and I am very, very honored to be selected,” said Dover. “I have given up everything to take care of Ashley and this extra money means that I can buy a few things that will help keep Ashley healthy. It's not really about the award or about the money, however. My mission is in caring for Ashley. If Ashley and I were the only two people in the whole world, I would still be doing exactly what I am doing." 

Homewatch CareGivers handed out 12 awards to recipients in local markets across the country, all of whom served as finalists for the National Caregiver Award. The list of finalists included: 

Disa Almeta, Lincoln, AR 
Laura Dover, Charlotte, NC 
Jill and Larry Ellis, Denver, CO 
Anne Fisher, Pleasant Grove, UT 
Judy Heier, Puyallup, WA 
Laura King, Atlanta, GA 
Wilda Lindquist, Boulder, CO 
Lydia Maddoux, Laurel, MD 
Kenneth Meyer, Greenville, SC 
Cindy Prouty, Mattawan, MI 
Kenneth JRosa, Los Angeles, CA 
Joyce Schultz, Chesterland, OH 

“Each of the finalists demonstrates selflessness and commitment every day with the devoted care they provide their loved ones,” added Reynolds. We honor them all for their sacrifice and the example they set for all of us.” 

An expert panel of judges, representing a diverse cross-section of companies and organizations in the healthcare and care-giving sectors, reviewed the nominees and selected the national winner. The judges for the National Caregiver of the Year award included:

  • Robert Bua, CareScout and Genworth Financial - Vice President Long Term Care
  • Nina Buchanan, Holiday Retirement - Director Health Resources
  • Jeff Frater, Case Management Society of America - Past President
  • Susan Lutz, AARP - Project Manager, Health and Supportive Services
  • Kelli Moorehead, Alzheimer’s Association - Team Lead, National Office
  • Jesse Slome, American Association for Long Term Care Insurance - Executive Director
  • Kim Stoneking, National Private Duty Association - Executive Director
  • Leann Reynolds, Homewatch CareGivers - President