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Business Partners Successfully Leverage Experience and Demand

The United States is aging rapidly, with people over 65 expected to comprise nearly 20% of the population by 2030. So when Eric Wallentine invested in Homewatch CareGivers, his business partner Nate Benjamin was impressed by the booming market and the growth in demand for Homewatch CareGivers’ homecare services. Nate also felt the business aligned with his values. “I wanted to help people and make a real difference,” he says.

With more than 20 years experience in business development mostly in high-tech markets, Nate joined Eric to launch their Homewatch CareGivers location in 2009, serving the Treasure Valley region of Idaho. Since then, the business has done so well that the location has employed more than 112 people – Nate says creating jobs in the Boise/Meridian area has been one of the many benefits of becoming a Homewatch CareGivers franchisee. Above all, Nate and Eric appreciate serving the community by working with people of all ages, while specializing in dementia-related services. They are also members of Alzheimer’s Idaho.

“What I enjoy most about this business is becoming a resource for our clients,” Nate said. “Many of them, when they are beginning to struggle in their home, think the only option is to move into an assisted living community. However, there are many things that we can do as a home care company to help them stay independent and function well in their home.”

Equally important, Nate, Eric and their entire team help clients transition into assisted living facilities if they need to further along the way. The bottom line for Homewatch CareGivers is that clients come first.

Because Homewatch CareGivers franchisees like Nate and Eric work with communities to deliver the best in professional care, they are able to leverage the business opportunities in a growing market – and develop a meaningful business.

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