COO Jennifer Tucker on Franchise Business Radio

COO Jennifer Tucker on Franchise Business Radio

COO Jennifer Tucker was invited to be a guest of Pamela Currie, host of the podcast, Franchise Business Radio.

In this interview, Ms. Tucker talks about her tenure with Homewatch CareGivers, ideal candidates for buying a home care franchise, and other characteristics that set the company apart.

Speaking to the assumption that many people interested in buying a franchise need a medical background, she explained: “In our ideal candidates, we’re looking for a certain set of skills, and not necessarily background. It doesn’t need to be that you were a nurse or a social worker or had any kind of healthcare background. Our owners come from all walks of life and it’s really about them having business acumen and really understanding how to manage people and really enjoying people.”

Yes, people. When it comes to providing meaningful one-on-one care for vulnerable populations and managing compassionate caregivers, the bottom line is that home care is a people business.

“The two most important components of our business are bringing in the right kind of clients and knowing how to go get them and being able to find caregivers who have the passion, they can learn the skills,” Ms. Tucker told Ms. Currie during their 30-minute conversation.

She expanded on that idea of training by explaining that the Homewatch CareGivers University is set up for caregivers to take a minimum of 12 credit hours per year. “The relationships that our caregivers build with the clients and the families is nothing short of just stunning,” she said.

While the brand has been providing in-home care since 1980, a big defining change was when the company was bought by private equity, which led to increased investment in the brand. Now the goal is to expand the footprint to 600 locations worldwide in the next 10 years, Ms. Tucker said.

To listen to the complete interview in which they talk about new opportunities such as Medicare Advantage and the future of remote care, click here.

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