How Franchise Owners Have Persevered During COVID-19

Homewatch CareGivers’ franchisees

The fact that Tucson, Arizona franchisee Margie Lannon ended 2020 with an award for perseverance sums up how Homewatch CareGivers franchisees across the country responded to life—and business—during a pandemic.

Individuals who make the decision to become a home care franchise owner are typically motivated by a personal caregiving experience. This caring nature tends to color all of their decisions, and that was certainly the case when the pandemic changed how their services could be safely delivered—for both clients and caregivers.

We’d like to share some stories about how many Homewatch CareGivers’ franchisees stepped outside of their comfort zone and found new ways to connect with their communities and continue to make a difference for people who need assistance and care.

Ms. Lannon’s award was from the Pima County Small Business Commission for “small businesses and/or nonprofits that have demonstrated outstanding qualities and actions of leadership, innovation, and advocacy.”

She wasn’t the only one figuring out how to connect with her community at a time of social distancing, mask wearing, and other safety precautions.

Larry Aronson, owner of the South Orange, New Jersey, office coordinated with the local Jewish Community Center to co-host a safe outdoor concert for seniors in the fall and then worked with another local senior and community center later in the fall to co-host a drive-in concert.

“I’m thrilled to be able to do something that the community was desperately screaming out for,” Aronson told a local reporter.

Others began looking ahead to vaccinations and joined trials, in part to encourage their staff and clients to also get vaccinated when it becomes available in their area.

“We are all in this together,” Jon Hersh, owner of the Columbus, Ohio, office told a local TV news station about his decision to apply to the COVID-19 vaccine trials in the summer of 2020. “It is hard to sit on the sidelines and do nothing when you see something this huge happening.”

Naperville, Illinois owner, Dennise Vaughn, quickly found ways to give back by partnering with other local businesses so she was able to give away small bottles of hand sanitizer and cloth face masks back in spring 2020. “You start helping people and it takes on a mind of its own,” Ms. Vaughn said. “Helping is kind of contagious.”

Going forward, Homewatch CareGivers will continue to innovate and persevere as they meet the needs of individuals who need support in their daily activities and feeling less lonely. We will continue to bring their stories of creativity and meaningful connections.

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