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No Resume Required! Why There is No Perfect Background for Starting a Franchise

Meeting franchise candidates is a truly fascinating part of my job. No two prospective franchisees have a similar background or identical professional experience that brought them to owning a home care business or that makes them a stronger candidate versus others. This means that we have an incredibly diverse group of franchisees, who bring a world of different work histories and knowledge to their business that can benefit them and their clients in unexpected and meaningful ways, much like other franchise concepts.

Learn more about a few of our franchise owners to see what I mean:

Ramona StreitRamona Streit worked for over two decades in the aerospace industry, before a family experience with caregiving brought her to becoming a successful business owner. Ramona was recently profiled in Entrepreneur, and you can learn more about what inspired her to purchase a home care franchise, what makes her successful, and what challenges her as a business owner.

Greg WannGreg Wann spent most of his adult working life with Disney before he left corporate life for a non-profit so he could make a difference in other people’s lives. Yet Greg still yearned to do his own thing, and became a home care franchise owner in order to make a difference and be in charge of his own destiny. Read about Greg’s path to home care business ownership in Entrepreneur and the Florida Business Observer.

Malcom Junior

Malcolm Junior cared for soldiers and their families during a career with the U.S. Army before realizing that he wanted to use his passion for a business of his own. Malcolm talks about how the franchise model appealed to him and how his military experience fit perfectly with the business model in this Franchising USA article.

If you are thinking about owning your own business, think past your last job and know that there is no particular career that might make you the ideal candidate for owning a home care franchise today. Hard work and passion are truly the things that help with any franchisee who wants to build a successful business.

To learn more about the advantages of franchising with Homewatch Caregivers, visit our Homewatch CareGivers Advantage page today.

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