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Enterprise Franchising

Franchising is not about being the same. In fact, it is the unique backgrounds of each franchisee that make the entire network stronger and better. There is no single previous career that makes someone an ideal franchisee because each person can utilize the skills they have to differentiate their new business in their local marketplace.

Franchisees come from corporate and non-profit backgrounds, from marketing and banking backgrounds, from IT and healthcare backgrounds and bring those professional experiences to their new business. While the traditional franchise was a “business-in-a-box” with little personality, today’s franchisees are encouraged to be enterprising and self-motivated to set themselves apart for success.

We call this trend Enterprise Franchising and we see how it is changing the landscape of franchising. These modern franchisees are more like traditional entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, try fresh approaches to establishing their business in their community, and be ambitious. This goes hand in hand with a franchisor who is comfortable with giving their franchisees a healthy amount of freedom while still providing the necessary support needed to get up and running.

Enterprise Franchising is all about being local and focusing on the community where the franchisee is based. What works in Atlanta may not work in Anchorage. For this reason, the cookie cutter approach in franchising falls apart as one size does not necessarily fit all.

While Enterprise Franchising may not be for every franchise candidate, what we have seen is that once the franchisee is involved and invested in targeted marketing and sales strategies they are more engaged in their business. This increases their likelihood for success, which benefits them and additionally positions the brand for long-term growth.

Franchisees now have a greater sense of ownership in the brand and more of a dialogue with their franchisor, as opposed to just taking marching orders from them. Again, Enterprise Franchising is ideal for entrepreneurs who bring their own creativity, experience and drive to run their new business successfully.

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