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The American Dream: Independence in Your Work Life

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Senior StatisticOne of the reasons our franchise owners love what they do is that part of our mission is to “protect independence” for people who need assistance with daily living activities.
What does this mean to you? Industry studies have shown that a majority of people prefer to age in the familiar surroundings of the home where they have raised a family or the neighborhood where they have built strong relationships. When someone finds themselves in need of help—from upkeep of their home and finances to daily grooming—there might not be a family member able or willing to step in and help and therefore the individual may need to relocate and give up some independence in exchange for this help.

As we should all be reminded during the time when our country celebrates independence, it is not something to be taken for granted. Independence is also an important consideration for prospective franchise owners

When you buy a franchise you are no longer an employee, which means you now have more independence and flexibility in your life. People will sometimes contrast owning a franchise with being an “independent business owner” as if to imply a lack of independence in franchise ownership. 

Franchise PartnershipDepending on the franchise company that you choose to partner with, there can be a great deal of autonomy within the brand:

1. You can choose which partnerships you build to bring in new clients or customers.
2. You can market the business in creative ways appropriate to your community and audience.
3. You can hire the employees that you have the best fit with to build your business.
4. You can decide how much you work, how big you want to grow (meeting minimum revenue requirements), and whether or not to give yourself a two-week vacation to Maui.

These are just a few examples of how you gain independence when you start a franchise business. Take a minute or two to think about your desires for independence and the different ways that it matters to you in your daily life. How can independence in your work enhance your life?
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